TCA: 'Spartacus' Re-Casting Confirmed, Andy Whitfield Is 'Supportive'

January 08, 2011 04:25:22 GMT

Executive producer Rob Tapert can not reveal yet the casting process but is 'confident' to find a worthy actor replacing the original but ailing actor.

TCA: 'Spartacus' Re-Casting Confirmed, Andy Whitfield Is 'Supportive'
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Starz network was doing Television Critics Association Winter 2011 Session on Friday, January 7 and with it came the confirmation that Andy Whitfield will not return to "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". The news has actually been shared late last year as the network conducted a search for a replacement.

"We are looking at potential actors to play Spartacus," executive producer Rob Tapert told reporters in Pasadena, Calif. The second season was green lit without Whitfield in the picture because the actor is battling Hodkin lymphoma. "They've committed to going forward with Season 2, [and] that Andy Whitfield, who is unable to play Spartacus, will be recast," Tapert added.

Back in November 2010, the producers flew in three little-known actors, Stephen Amell, Aiden Turner and Liam McIntyre, to try out. But Tapert has no announcement on this. "We don't have casting news but, we're very confident where we are in the casting process that we will find an actor who will step in the sandals of Spartacus although we will never be able to replace Andy Whitfield," he shared.

According to Starz's rep, Whitfield is "very supportive of our decision to recast the role". Tapert said, "Nothing good came from losing Andy. But we had the luxury of building an infrastructure with having the prequel. If there us any upside to Andy's illness, it is that we are better equipped to support the the new Spartacus." The prequel "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" starts January 21.


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posted by Eli on Feb 13, 2011
Just Hold up the show till he gets better dont think just about the money making think about your audiences who look up to this character. hope he will recover soon love u Andy
posted by T Seta on Feb 09, 2011
I am disappointed by the news, though I suspected that this would happen. Andy built this character. I love the new pre-quel and this was a great idea to keep the franchise alive and bring back Lucy Lawless and John Hanna. But Spartacus is Andy Whitfield. I don't know if I'll be able to watch the inevitable conclusion to the Spartacus saga without Whitfield at the helm. This is a sad moment. I wish the best to Whitfield and his family.
posted by BigLex on Feb 09, 2011
I will pray for you Andy! And hope Starz can wait.
posted by Kim on Jan 18, 2011
I just finished watching Season 1 & there is no other Spartacus. He made that character. To have someone else continue lessens the credibility of this show. Wish Starz would hold off until Andy is better. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family.
posted by warmatheart on Jan 18, 2011
praying for Andy and his family..pray that he recovers and will be healthy again
posted by KJ on Jan 17, 2011
I have to say, I don't think I'll be watching the show if Andy is not Spartacus... Nothing but love and good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Let's hope Starz reconsiders and puts production on hold for a little while longer, until Andy is back to 100%.
posted by Boogaloo on Jan 16, 2011
Any Whitfiled is the only "Spartacus" that I plan to watch. Hopefully, he will fight the fight and win in this "arena"!! Hopefully Starz will reconsider and hold off production until it's known for sure his prognosis regarding treatment and re covery before enlisting a replacement of Spartacus. Please just don't write him off just like that..
posted by Sammy on Jan 15, 2011
What is that..Stars is recasting Spartacus? that's crazy! I won't be looking forward to the next season anymore Thanks a lot Stars!
posted by Ray on Jan 15, 2011
I myself would want Andy to continue filming. My heart goes out to him but the series will not be the same without him. He to us is SPARTACUS ! I would beg stars to reconsider and wait for his recovery. In this case the show should not go on!
posted by mundoazteca on Jan 15, 2011
Andy will be missed, bring him back on when he gets better if possible. Will not be the same at all.
posted by judy on Jan 10, 2011
posted by JT on Jan 09, 2011
I hate when they go and do shit like that in shows and movies. He is the leading charater of the show and has a serious issue and they go and replace him,but will recast him as another charater later,thats rediculous. Movies and tv are moved back all the time and I dont think Starz will go bankrupt by waiting for Andy to get better and then continue filming. I hope they lose alot of viewers for season 2
posted by NP on Jan 08, 2011
posted by DJ on Jan 08, 2011
My heart goes out to Andy and his family. They may re-cast the role, but I just recently bought the first season on DVD, and he's still Spartacus to me.
posted by tyler on Jan 08, 2011
no one will be able to replace andy. this is unfortunate news.

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