Taylor Swift Is Billboard's 2010 Top-Selling and Most-Played Artist

January 08, 2011 04:22:40 GMT

Swift becomes the biggest-selling artist with 4.4 million albums sold, and scores most-played artist with a total of 1.128 million airplay.

Taylor Swift
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For the second time, Taylor Swift becomes top-selling and most-played artist by Billboard. The country music singer was previously named top-selling artist in 2008, and titled most-played artist the following year during which her 2008 album "Fearless" scored U.S. biggest-selling CD of the year.

Swift is now named top-selling artist with over 4.4 million albums sold in 2010, according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Speak Now" which finished third on the 2010 U.S. highest-selling albums contributes to the sale number with 2.96 million copies. In becoming the most-played artist of the year meanwhile, the 21-year-old cutie tops Billboard's annual all-genre Artist Airplay chart with more than 1.128 million airplay throughout 2010.

On top of those impressive achievements, Taylor Swift scores another accolade as she hits over 34 million tracks sold to date. She is named the top selling digital artist in music history, again holding the #1 position atop Billboard's chart of Top Selling Digital Artists. Also, Taylor has sold more than 4 million albums each year for three consecutive years, and becomes the only artist to do so in the last three years.

This announcement comes on the heels of her Favorite Country Artist win at the recent People's Choice Awards. She beat Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts and was presented the trophy by Elton John. "To the fans," she said. "This award coming from you is such a showing of love and I want to thank you so much for always being people I can count on!"


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posted by Brian on Jul 03, 2011
Talor Swift is and acts MNETALLY RETARDED/cognitive impaired. Not to mention she looks like a CRO-MAGNON cave girl.
posted by Brian is a L-O-S-E-R on Jan 09, 2011
Brian, U r a LOSER! U cant sing so why r u saying Taylor Swift cant!!! What a LOSER BRIAN F*** YOu LOSER! Taylor swIft is awesome!!! ILY TAYLOR SWIFT♥♥♥
posted by lisa on Jan 09, 2011
posted by Danica on Jan 08, 2011
I love taylor swift but sometimes she really goes off key and out of tune
posted by cool people on Jan 08, 2011
Taylor you rock we love your songs.We love your cd Speak Now .Keep on singing do not stop .
posted by karan on Jan 08, 2011
hey brian jus stop dis fuckin shit...taylor swift is n will remain THE BEST...
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
I'm gonna decapitate this fucking hideously ugly skank's head off with my machete, and package it in a box, and sent it to her fucking pathetic parents house, via ups or fed ex, Fuck You Taylor.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
I can't stand this fugly talentless cunt, i fucking hate her with a burning passion, i want her dead.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
This fugly untalented fucking disgrace of a human being and artist, is a motherfucking pathetic disgrace to the god damn music industry, I'll put a bullet write between her fucking eyes, i despise this fuckface with a passion.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
Taylor Swift is the most overrated and untalented artist ever.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
Taylor Swift and her annoying ass god awful music is pure garbage, pure utter shit, Fuck Taylor Swift.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
This ugly talentless bitch,is a fad, she can't sing to save her pathetic life, she will fade away in no time, no one will this fugly piece of shit in 2 years people will be like Taylor who?
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
Fuck You Taylor Swift.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
I'm gonna fucking blow this ugly no talent whore's head off with my 12 gauge shotgun, Fuck You Taylor Swift.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
Fuck Taylor Swift, I'm gonna fucking kill that ugly talentless piece of shit cunt.
posted by Brian on Jan 08, 2011
Hey, qwerty, Fuck You asshole, I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you, you fucking piece of shit dickhead.
posted by qwerty on Jan 08, 2011
Hey, Brian, stop trying to promote Kanye West! Nobody cares about the VMAs anymore! Kanye tried to use it to leverage his album sales, but it didn't work. His "masterpiece" just can't sell. And in case you haven't noticed, she was already the best selling artist in 2008. Just stop the hate.
posted by fuck brian on Jan 08, 2011
who the fuck to you think you are you obsessed son of a cunt! fuck you mother fucker. your mama is the cunt bitch! taylor can kick you and kanye shit anytime. no one bought kanye's shitty cheesy album. WE LOVE TAYLOR!
posted by safdsa on Jan 08, 2011
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posted by Steven on Jan 08, 2011
I loveeeeee Taylor....classy and beautiful
posted by Raj on Jan 08, 2011
Taylor is gorgeous....
posted by whatever on Jan 08, 2011
Dude, brian, you are a moron. Taylor Swift might not be your favorite, she's not mine either, but she's the best selling artist of the entire digital age. Kanye West is great too, but face it - Taylor is way more appealing in general. She is not "untalented" and she is a way better person than you will ever be.

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