Adam Lambert Calls 'Teen Mom' Depressing

January 06, 2011 09:09:01 GMT

The 'American Idol' alum shares an opinion about the MTV show, calling the girls who got pregnant in their teens 'exploited'.

Adam Lambert Calls 'Teen Mom' Depressing
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Adam Lambert took a minute out of his busy schedule to comment on "Teen Mom". The reality TV show airing on MTV has been making headlines recently for the arrest of Amber Portwood who is caught beating her ex-fiance on camera. Lambert called the show "depressing".

He shared his opinion on Twitter, writing "This Teen Mom show on MTV is so depressing. I know it's 'real life' but shouldn't there be programming that inspires kids to shoot higher? #glorifyingwhitetrash". He added later to hinder any misunderstanding, "I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash. Don't misunderstand. Yet, most of the ones on that show seem to be. I do, however, think they're are being exploited a bit."

MTV is about to air a spin-off to the show about teens dealing with early pregnancy. "Teen Mom 2" starts January 11 at 10/9c with four other teenagers who have given birth.

At the same time, Amplicate reports that Lambert is the most loved topic in social media for 2010. Amplicate monitors and collates what people say they love or hate in Facebook or Twitter, and over 50 million public opinions of adoration or disgust were made on thousands of specific topics. Lambert happens to be the loved one, followed by Taylor Lautner, Katy Perry and Ice Cream in the Top 10.


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posted by Bianca on Jan 18, 2011
He's right, the show is depressing. Who would wanna waste their time watching a show like that anyways?
posted by glambertlover on Jan 11, 2011
remember how "concerned" viewers booted off lambert from the morning show. why don't we call mtv in the masses to boot off all these trashy exploitative shows? maybe it will make a difference if we voice are offense at them?
posted by r on Jan 10, 2011
It is not easy to take care of the children until they grow older ,how much more they are very young.they need help and support from their parents,am i right?so ADAM IS RIGHT. we dont need to be sensitive about WORD TRASH.He only protect the children of the WORLD.THINK THIS...
posted by rd on Jan 10, 2011
One thing I can say of what he said that he is rihgt.he told that I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash.It is not difficult to understand if we are talented people.please observe...most of them they dont know how to care their
posted by kat23 on Jan 07, 2011
If you note...Adam states later he was not calling the tv stars white trash...he states he feels they are being exploited...i.e. depicted as such...also remember these people are being paid by mtv to act like "white trash"...Horrible role models...all of these shows...Real Housewives, Desperate Housewives, all of the reality shows aimed at teens and adults, even Survivor, teach bad morals, teach "care about no one but yourself" skills...just appalling programming. Do not knock Adam for being true to he kisses a guy on stage...he is gay...I would be disappointed if he kissed a girl on stage...would be a lie..Kills me that people profess to being open minded in terms of gays...but do not want gays to show affection in front of them..i.e. ok to be gay but do not act gay in public...Hypocritical..Totally agree Adam....People start putting shows on TV that build up inspire them to act ugly or do stupid things...Love you Adam!
posted by adam4ever on Jan 06, 2011
You know what's even sadder is I read that show has 5.5 million viewers! As long as they continue to make money this will go on. Adam you rock, love you!
posted by Annabelle on Jan 06, 2011
All that aside, could we please shelve the term "white trash"? It's offensive to all races. I don't know why it's still being used, and I hope Adam Lambert didn't use it. He is usually way more polite than that.
posted by janet on Jan 06, 2011
Adams right on, the show is so depressing,shouldn't there be a reality show on birth control and future careers or somethinng.
posted by Jenn on Jan 06, 2011
Just heard the trashiest girl on the show is making 280,000 a year to be so pathetic!!! Adam you called it right! MTV you aren't helping our world.
posted by Bree on Jan 06, 2011
Love that the rocker is the most loved topic. Everybody likes to talk about Adam. The MTV show is just sad. Kissing is not.
posted by Muffinz on Jan 06, 2011
I agree with him :\ MTV should just be taken off the air.
posted by JLM on Jan 06, 2011
That show is just pathetic. I don't know why they emphasize trashy, psycho behavior and make it about having babies too young. Pure exploitation and it is truly depressing. Don't get it at all!! Adam is soooo right.
posted by reggie on Jan 06, 2011
Mtv sucks they are not about the music and I think the will never be. They are just a reality tv based nutcase. Jersey shore is as low as ever and these people are famous with millions of followers on twitter for their stupidity. It just goes to show that you can sell anything no matter how facile and hollow it is. Some people are so easily brainwashed and its a damn shame.
posted by Jo on Jan 06, 2011
He's right. They are glorifying white trash. He's just being honest. MTV is trash tv.
posted by Mark on Jan 06, 2011
What is a real shame is that these teen moms, once the television spots are off and they've had their 15 minutes of fame, will be left all alone to bring up another life, a human being (clothing, feeding, lodging and educating!!!!). Is that America's future? Adam Lambert was only stating his concern for these moms and their children. He DOES care!
posted by Mike on Jan 06, 2011
The problem with shows like those is that those teens have their 15 minutes of "fame"!! But after the television spots are turned off, they WILL have to take care of another human being for almost 20 years (clothing, feeding, lodging and educating!?!!?).
posted by Lam My on Jan 06, 2011
Using the word trash to denote human beings is really sad and demeaning.
posted by LB on Jan 06, 2011
I totally agree with Adam. BTW, you forgot to add Grammy Nominated Adam Lambert. I don't find him making out with a guy on stage trashy at all. I actually happen to enjoy it!
posted by Okeydokey on Jan 06, 2011
There is a difference @Lily. Adam's a performer and, like it or not,'kissing' is part of his 'schtick'. Lady Gaga wears meat,Eminem swears....part of performance art whether we agree with it or not. Getting pregnant (possibly for the sole reason of) and appearing on a reality show is beyond comprehension. Right up there with the Jersey Shore drunken/partying/sex capades. Mindless,stupid,vapid crap focusing on people,who could possess good qualities,but who are displayed in a very negative,stupid manner. Adam's talent,work ethic,positive outlook and drive far surpass his antics.
posted by Bridget on Jan 06, 2011
Making out, on stage or off, is nothing like trivializing bringing a life into the world. That's what MTV's show is doing.
posted by Kel on Jan 06, 2011
I watched the show once and was horrified. MTV was almost sadistically mocking trashy, white, pregnant teens. How else could you explain it? The execs must know how these teens come across. The Real Housewive are trash with money. Trash is trash and those "ladies" (I say that losely) are trash with money. MTV takes the prize for trash TV though. It started out years ago with their Spring Break shows and ever since they've just gone down hill. It's true low brow tv. I can't picture who their program manager is and what cell block he or she is a graduate of.
posted by To Will on Jan 06, 2011
I guess you are no better either!!! He he!! All humans are trash in my opinion. Nobody is perfect!
posted by Claudia on Jan 06, 2011
MTV sucks and Adam Lambert is just another average pop singer. Next.
posted by Ravon on Jan 06, 2011
Unfortunately "trashy" has become the new "chic". Instead of shows that have kids striving for a better life, we have shows glorifying how low can you go. All the "Housewives of" shows are gutter-balls that do nothing to elevate the conversation, but fill the pockets of elite who already have their boots on our necks.
posted by m on Jan 06, 2011
who cares about that show. He also said he's releasing his second album this year! You should have written about that. I'm so glad he's not gonna let too much time pass in between albums like some Idols do.
posted by Millie on Jan 06, 2011
Gotta agree with Adam Lambert. While there are some teen moms who become good parents and achieve success in life, statistic show they are few and far between. The particular teen moms on the MTV show are spoiled brats with little impulse control or self discipline who should have given those babies up for adoption. (And don't get me started on the "fathers" who essentially abandon their children.)
posted by kiki on Jan 06, 2011
The show is trashy.Adam is better than ice cream.
posted by Deb on Jan 06, 2011
Love Adam Lambert, never watched the show, but agree that these types of shows exploit people, most without helping them. Not sure about the "white trash" comment, just doesn't sound like a comment Adam would make, there are many reasons for teen pregnancy, low self esteem, young girls looking for unconditional love they crave and think they will get from a child without releasing the magnitude of responsibility being a parent presents, etc. They need counseling and training to stop the cycle, not exploitation.
posted by Bret on Jan 06, 2011
MTV is the only MusicTV station that doesn't play music. They exploit people and the show is depressing. I watched it once and I'll never watch again. I was amazed they even had the show on. The Palins would be a good fit for MTV
posted by CJ on Jan 06, 2011
MTV is trash TV. It does cater to white trash mentality. I wouldn't mind if that station disappeared. For years now the caliber and content of their program is cringe worthy. Teen mom does exploit these teen girls and it glorifies teenage pregnancy. Of course for their show MTV tries to find the trashiest moms possibly. I really do hate MTV
posted by Marissa on Jan 06, 2011
I agree with Adam! <3 Things like that should not be on tv. It's disgusting!
posted by buffy on Jan 06, 2011
I am trying to ban "white trash" also as it is a "hate" word. I use it, but am trying to stop. I run into these "reality" shows only when working out on a treadmill. I saw one episode and it was depressing. But I generally don't give men, gay or straight, any say in judging pregnancy!
posted by Cos2mwiz on Jan 06, 2011
Oh Will...If your definition of trash is funny, articulate, genuinely kind, and EXTRAORDINARILY talented, then yeah. Other than that, just have the courage to admit you're immensely jealous.
posted by Krista on Jan 06, 2011
I have to agree with Adam on that show. MTV used to be fun with all the music videos and interviews, now it's just a tabloid type network. For those who only have the AMA performance stuck in their heads..shake it off. Adam is an incredibly talented singer and showman with the kindest, loving heart. Open your eyes and then your minds to who he really is. Guys like Eminem are the ones polluting our society.
posted by Cos2mwiz on Jan 06, 2011
He's ABSOLUTELY right. MTV appears to be doing everything it can to glorify imbeciles (that Jersey Shore waste of life a published author? Really?!) I wonder if the execs at MTV would want their kids to act like the pathetic creatures they market as "entertainment"?
posted by Will on Jan 06, 2011
So funny, trash like Adam Lambert calling other reality show people trash. He's no better.

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