New 'Smallville' Poster Teases Superman Costume

January 05, 2011 04:45:19 GMT

Fans are one step away from seeing Clark Kent in the red and blue suit that would make him the man of steel.

New 'Smallville' Poster Teases Superman Costume
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Fans of "Smallville" are yet to see Clark Kent becoming the man he is supposed to be but the new teaser poster allows them to picture him in the red and blue costume. The image, tagged with "Destiny Is Now", shows Clark in street clothes but the reflection on his feet reveals his future.

Back on last year's San Diego Comic Con, Tom Welling told The Flickcast that Clark is indeed stepping up as Superman. "Yeah, that's the plan. I don't know how they're going to do it, but I know that inevitably, that's where we get to." He added, "[The Superman costume] looks good. I wasn't there when they shot it on set. I was actually on another stage shooting something else. But I know what it looks like."

He also spoke about the responsibility that comes with wearing the Superman suit. "I think it's a huge responsibility for Clark and for me," explained Welling. "And hopefully, we can get to a place where the fans feel as though we did everything that we could. We serviced the character the way that will make them all happy."

"Smallville" returns for its final episodes on January 28 on The CW.


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posted by TheSweetHartKid08 on Mar 11, 2011
Q:does he learn to fly yet???
posted by giovanni on Mar 11, 2011
the good life of destiny is about to be begin pretty soon, Yeah i can feel it
posted by Bill M. on Jan 05, 2011
I'm happy they are putting him in the suite finally, but i think it is unfair that they keep using things from "Superman returns" warner bros. wanted to stay away from that film, but it is so obvious that is Routh's reflection there with his head cut off. I love the movie and the show and i'm not complaining at all, but it is unfair in my opnion.
posted by kem on Jan 05, 2011
we have to admit he really looks weird in that costume.funny clark remains hotand chloe too.

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