Bon Jovi, AC/DC, U2 and Lady GaGa Have Biggest-Selling World Tours

December 30, 2010 04:59:31 GMT

Led by the Jon Bon Jovi band, the top-grossing tours list sees AC/DC, U2 and GaGa at the second, third and fourth places respectively.

Bon Jovi
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Bon Jovi have the most successful world tour this year. Although their latest record "The Circle" did not sell strongly, Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates managed to rake in a whopping $201.1 million worth of tickets for at least their 80 concerts around the world in a traveling show to promote the album.

Bon Jovi beat 2009's highest-grossing acts U2 and AC/DC. U2 were atop the list last year with $311 million, and AC/DC followed with $227 million. Now, Bono and the gang come in the third place with $160.9 million (32 shows), behind Brian Johnson-fronted band who successfully sold $177 million (40 shows).

Next, there is Lady GaGa. The outlandish singer who scores this year's world's biggest-selling album matches the accolade by becoming the fourth-biggest tour earner of the year. Her lengthy "Monster Ball" tour pulls in an impressive $133.6 million from 138 gigs throughout 2010.

Other musicians appearing on top concerts list include Metallica, Michael Buble, Paul McCartney and Eagles. Overall, tough economy has caused this year's ticket sales on the downslide. Ticket sales for the top 50 tours worldwide fell 12 percent to $2.93 billion, and they dropped 15 percent to $1.69 billion in North America.

  1. Bon Jovi ($201.1 million)
  2. AC/DC ($177 million)
  3. U2 ($160.9 million)
  4. Lady GaGa ($133.6 million)
  5. Metallica ($110.1 million)
  6. Michael Buble ($104.2 million)
  7. "Walking With Dinosaurs" live show ($104.1 million)
  8. Paul McCartney ($93 million)
  9. Eagles ($92.3 million)
  10. Roger Waters ($89.5 million)


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posted by Me who else on Sep 07, 2012
WHOA KIDS NO NEED FOR DAT LANGUAGE. okay i like to seee people who have been around for a while the 80's get it get it just saying. go jovi acdc u2 group effort.
posted by cordereous johnson on Jan 05, 2011
good for gaga
posted by Bono on Jan 01, 2011
We came in 3rd , but did anyone mention we had to cancell our north american tour and we played half the shows that Bon Chodi played..
posted by Josh on Jan 01, 2011
YES!!!! and 2011 is Gaga's year. Born This Way will be EPIC!
posted by Jennifer on Dec 30, 2010
@Brit Fuck you bitch, you suck fucking cunt.
posted by BRIT on Dec 30, 2010
gaga sucks
posted by Hmm on Dec 30, 2010
First off @Jennifer calm the fuck down people are aloud to have opinions! Anyway Gaga although grossed 133 million her net is much less than that because of all the crazy props and such. Good to see Paul still going strong! :)
posted by Josh on Dec 30, 2010
Yes!!! Mommy monster FTW. And Born This Way will be even better get ready people :)

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