Video: Willow Smith's Fierce Photoshoot for London Sunday Times

December 23, 2010 08:04:22 GMT

In one shoot, Willow is seen sporting a floor-length braided hair extension, yellow cheerleader mini skirt and pompoms.

Video: Willow Smith's Fierce Photoshoot for London Sunday Times
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While busy finishing her upcoming debut album, Willow Smith spared her time to do a photoshoot for London Sunday Times. She was accompanied by her mother Jada Pinkett Smith. A sneak peek is provided in the form of a behind-the-scene video which reveals this little girl's fierce looks.

The pictures were reportedly taken by Sheryl Nields at the Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles, and styled by Brea Stinson. Willow is seen undergoing a lot of costume changes from wearing riding boots and vests for a shoot in the hay to rocking a Victorian dress and posing on a throne.

Willow Smith recently changed her hairstyle from half-shaved to a bowl-cut. The "Whip My Hair" hitmaker who occasionally sports braided hair extension debuted her new look when attending Z100's Jingle Ball concert with her brother Jaden Smith early this month.


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posted by Pamela on Apr 24, 2011
stop jeslousing her ,crazy People
posted by MARYAM YUSUF on Jan 16, 2011
it's not that i hate it's just that she is takin it a bit tooooo far and i love her brother he is so cool and he isnt takin it tooo far becos he is older than her
posted by uncle jack\'s not en on Dec 27, 2010
i love u
posted by uncle jack\'s not en on Dec 27, 2010
call me DADDY jack Willow. Remember our little secret!
posted by poor on Dec 27, 2010
a hete her
posted by iAMaHATER bitches on Dec 27, 2010
i dont get why people like her her and her brother have had everything handed to them and people think that they are soo good but they dont hear the better music of people that had to work for fame no get it handed to them!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HATE her
posted by fuck on Dec 24, 2010
posted by y89[\'hop on Dec 24, 2010
shes a twat
posted by justinbieber on Dec 23, 2010
that a show off shes a fucking brat
posted by devin on Dec 23, 2010
posted by jadineiyayi. on Dec 23, 2010
i agree with willow and her mum, shes only 10 and look of how amazing she is, she is gunna be a VERY successful girl, and her&her family should be very proud. so haters stop being jealous and grow up! her make up looks fine&she soooooo talented. carnt wait to see you at justin bieber's concert willow! :) <3 LOVEYAH!

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