Justin Bieber Woos His Girlfriend in New Leaked Song 'Ride'

December 23, 2010 04:04:16 GMT

Riding solo in the catchy song, Bieber talks about willing to 'go anywhere' as long as he is with his object of affection.

Justin Bieber
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Another never-heard-before song from Justin Bieber makes its way out. Titled "Ride", it's a love song with catchy melody and features the Canadian singer serenading his unnamed love interest, "I could be your queen but you could be my boo."

"We could go anywhere, to the moon and through the air," Bieber continued to declare his love for the woman and what he would do to be with her. "We could go to the movies or the mall, baby I don't care/ Yeah this is true, wanna be with you/ And I just wanna ride with you."

This is the second song, after "Latin Girl", which comes out while Bieber is in the middle of recording his new album. However, it's unclear whether the track is just a leftover from his previous recording sessions or indeed a material prepared for the upcoming effort.

So far, info about the new album is that he is eying to release it next year and going to do country-pop crossover with Rascal Flatts. "[Justin] asked us to do a duet with him on his next record," lead singer Gary LeVox said in a radio interview. "It's actually a really good song! The kid is really talented. He plays five or six different instruments really well."


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posted by love me on Feb 07, 2011
i love ya
posted by yumjav on Feb 07, 2011
i love JB Love ya best u
posted by anna on Jan 02, 2011
Will you go out with a 7 year old
posted by kayla on Jan 02, 2011
posted by samatha on Dec 27, 2010
justin would you date a 12 year old girl , would you date a mexican girl
posted by jblover on Dec 27, 2010
posted by belieber on Dec 27, 2010
justin would u ever fall in love with a 12 year old girl? if you would come find me in toronto
posted by tsering on Dec 26, 2010
hey!!!!!!! justin.....its me ur fan all the way from nepal....and i heard that u r visiting nepal it true or ........
posted by kayleeb on Dec 23, 2010
Ilike you frum kaylee to justin beiber ok frum kaylee ok
posted by kaylin on Dec 23, 2010
how can it be his song if u red it it says I CAN BE YOUR QUEEN? he aint a girl =))
posted by hello on Dec 23, 2010
I don't think that's right... it's been rumored that he wrote the song, but it's supposed to be sung by his tourmate, Jasmine V. He basically wrote the song and then recorded a demo of it, but it's really supposed to be Jasmine's song. That's why it says, "I could be your queen." I doubt Justin would actually release a song where he says that.

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