Lady GaGa's Breast Gets Groped by Fan

December 21, 2010 06:16:42 GMT

The female fan touches GaGa's boob as she gets through a flock of people in Paris on Monday.

Lady GaGa
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Photo credit: /WENN

Lady GaGa has often bared her body in public but her fans are still curious of her assets. On Monday, December 18, a female fan groped her breast while she greeted her devotees in Paris. In a picture obtained by Radar Online, the fan's hand, covered in a brown glove, is seen touching GaGa's boob while the singer did not seem to be bothered by it.

That day, the 24-year-old singer stepped out in a long dress which revealed some skin in the chest area. She was swarmed by her fans, both male and female, as soon as she came out of her hotel in France to make her way to Chez Andre restaurant. Despite hiding her face behind sunglasses, the "Poker Face" hitmaker was easily recognized due to her unique style.

Lady GaGa is currently on her Monster Ball concert. She was due to perform at the Bercy in Paris on December 19 but had to cancel it since her tour trucks carrying her logistic were denied entry to the city due to snow storms.


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posted by Lily on Dec 21, 2010
spiraltat2 is completely right. If Ms. Gag me is a blatant narcissist who is attention-starved. The most talented artists seek anonymity and let their music speak for itself. Ms Gag Me has to parade around in absurdity to take the attention off her generic synth pop and it's lack of substance.
posted by Me on Dec 21, 2010
@Brian I agree, spiraltat2 is a bitch
posted by spiraltat2 on Dec 21, 2010
roflmao. case and point.
posted by Brian on Dec 21, 2010
@ spiraltat2, fuck you stupid cunt bitch!!!
posted by GDJ on Dec 21, 2010
posted by spiraltat2 on Dec 21, 2010
she probably devised the whole thing as a stunt. she's a publicity whore and the world is so retarded that it takes her antics as "art"

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