Once Duetting With Minaj, Lil' Kim Willing to Do Reunion for $7 Million

December 18, 2010 07:31:57 GMT

Insisting that she got better feedback than Nicki Minaj over their first duet, Lil' Kim is willing to enter studio with her again for $7 million.

Once Duetting With Minaj, Lil' Kim Willing to Do Reunion for $7 Million
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It turns out that Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj were once teammates despite their current girl fight. In a radio interview with Angie Martinez, Kim revealed that she didn't consider Minaj as her rival when she first came out, but rather saw her as her way to make a comeback.

"A lot of people might not know this, but me and [Cash Money co-CEO] Slim were very good friends," she dished. "Very good friends for four or five years. My thing is this: I haven't been doing music like that for a second and I looked at her buzz as a way in for me. I'm like, 'OK, this is a good thing. This a way for me to kind of come back in'."

The two rappers recorded a collaboration which title was not disclosed, and Kim claimed she got better feedback than Minaj regarding their verses. However, things just got bad afterwards especially when the subliminal shots toward her from Minaj began.

When asked whether she wants to hook up with her for a future project, the Queen Bee said she would love to, saying "I would do a song with her for the right price." Charging no less than $7 million, she however insisted, "I'm not taking my foot off her neck."


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posted by Nelsom on Apr 14, 2011
Wow This Wont Last. Like The Nicki Minaj Diss Keys. It Got Its Views And Shit Like That Noww Keysss Ass Is History Nobody Talks Bout That Shit NO More>
posted by Nelsom on Apr 14, 2011
I Loved Kim. Before There Was A Nicki That Jump Off. Lil Kim Jump Off And Lighters Up Was My Shit. I Cryed When She Got Locked Up. I Hate Thaa Bitch Now. I Love Nicki Minaj Lil Kim Sould Sit her Ass Down Like Real Talk.
posted by Lady Indy on Dec 19, 2010
I say the hell with the whole thing because as long as Nikki is getting her bread then that is all that matters!!! I know i am the most hated on and I love it!!!Keep it up Nikki
posted by DON\'T WORRY BOUT IT on Dec 18, 2010
Umm I like Lil Kim and when she came out wit Black Friday I was laughing cause I know Nicki won't come out wit a better diss track than lil kim Nicki would be lucky if her Young Money Crew helps out with dat diss track cause Lil Kim DISSED HER BAD!!! But I like Nicki to its just her style and ways of doing things that I like that's about it other than that her raps are crap and Roman's Revenge was aimed towards Lil Kim and Keys I don't give a damn what she says it WAS aimed towards them
posted by DaTruth on Dec 18, 2010
I think a lot of people are missing the point; she was being sarcastic, itís her way of saying, they disrespected me too much there ain't a chance in hell Iím doing a record with her, ie NO ONE would pay 7 mill to anyone for a collaboration. Nicki kicked off women buzz again, however by nature when that happens more labels would want to compete and that gives other females a leg to get back in; however their talent will keep them in. Lil Kim, is a legend, Nicki will not reach that status, neither will she be in the game long enough to accomplished as much as the females who she has constantly targeted in a savvy yet punk way-swagga jack or simply style. Nicki is a gimmick, as Nicki said herself, ďIím actress firstĒ, and she acts like a rapper who is a victim of hateration. Please. Sheís playing everyone and like she said in about 5 years (probably sooner), she will transition and leave behind all these die hard fans who really canít tell the tree from the forest. To those Nicki Minaj fans who can, they understand it to be what it is-we like most of her music, particularly her features, we really donít know who she is, because all we see is everyone sheís compared to, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott and Lil Kim. They are very few songs, if any since Nicki surfaced that she did not take stabs at females in the game, Remy Martin acknowledged that and Kim is the only one, who as always, had the courage and talent to stand up. Now you hear Eve coming back out, Foxy taking swipes, even Ms. Jade coming back out etcÖ. Letís not simply be fans, letís be real.
posted by st on Dec 18, 2010
kim is a sore loser ,i knew from day one that she wants to use Nicki ,however she met her sorry cos is not gonna work.Nicki is on another level now.

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