Report: Demi Lovato's Sex Tape Will Surface 'Soon'

December 18, 2010 02:35:38 GMT

While the credibility of the story is low, a representative of the Disney starlet cannot give a definite answer.

Demi Lovato
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Bad press keep coming on Demi Lovato's way while she's trying to get better in rehab. Just a day after her alleged racy pictures came out online, there's a rumor that a sex tape of her also exists. A source told X17Online that the Disney starlet is no stranger to "filming her sexual exploits" as evident from the photos she took with her friends.

The source who claimed to have worked on Demi's last summer tour said the sex tape would surface soon. The source also credited Demi's uncle Francisco Lovato in assisting the singer to have a private time with guys in her trailer. Francisco allegedly became her "chaperone", telling everyone who got near her bus that Demi was "busy" and kicking "people off the bus so she could bring random dudes on board and get nasty with them."

The story's truth is highly doubtful but rep for Demi did not immediately deny the allegation. He told Gossip Cop that he's "figuring out" whether it contains truth after all. An insider believed that the tape doesn't exist and it was just a speculation stemming from the racy photos.


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posted by hi on May 03, 2011
posted by hi on Mar 10, 2011
posted by me on Feb 03, 2011
i think people are really sick and have no life and they only try to make people feel bad like if having sex was a crime i think she can do what ever she wants with her live why and u people who have nothing olse to do need to get a life she has a sister and a mom what is wrong with u guys if she is having sex is her private life
posted by Tay on Dec 21, 2010
Wow i thought these young ladies are suppost to be role models
posted by James on Dec 18, 2010
Oh no! Consensual sex between two consenting adults! How horrible! Good lord, the sexual repression in this nation is just sickening.
posted by unknown on Dec 18, 2010
does anyone remember the whole alleged video of her doing cocaine at a party but it never surfaced with demi out of the spotlight its easier to drag her through the mud
posted by BiJeffLuther on Dec 18, 2010
The only reason someone would have to release a sex tape of Demi is to show they are in it.
posted by Shannon Murdoch on Dec 18, 2010
This is frustrating. She took one picture, that looks photo shopped, it does NOT mean that she is a sex whore. Leave her alone! She had been through a hell of a lot, and when she tries to get better people just bring her down! No matter HOW much you want her to be another Lohan it will NOT happen. Get on with your own lives. Don't ruin hers.
posted by BiJeffLuther on Dec 18, 2010
The more I read abouth Demi, the more I am In love.
posted by demicandance on Dec 17, 2010
omg i hope this isnt true cuz i <3 demi so much
posted by rarara on Dec 17, 2010
this is fucken stupid
posted by lALALALALALALAL on Dec 17, 2010
i hate he she also went to rehab stupid child star!
posted by EndOfLine on Dec 17, 2010
The worst part about this is this article appears on Google's news feed.
posted by Meg on Dec 17, 2010
Stop trying to bring down all the disney scarlets!We all make mistakes and this isn't fair these photos are brought along while she's in rehab taking care of herself. Be honest most people in the world take racy photos, download porn, etc. I am not critizing this website just the people who have nothing else better to do than leak stupid photos!
posted by Anonymous on Dec 17, 2010
This is a load of crap!

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