'Amazing Race' Season 17 Winner and Season 18 Contestants Revealed

December 13, 2010 05:03:25 GMT

Doctors Nat and Kat make a history by being the first female team to win the competition while runner-up Brook and Claire get a second chance in next season's all-star edition.

'Amazing Race' Season 17 Winner and Season 18 Contestants Revealed
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After 16 seasons, "The Amazing Race" finally has a two-woman team winner. Doctors Nat and Kat crossed the finish line first to win the race on Sunday, December 12 broadcast, thus making a history as the first woman-woman team to ever win the U.S. version.

The odds actually were tipping to this possibility for the final consisted of another woman-woman team. Home Shopping hosts Brook and Claire came second in the race, followed by dating couple Jill and Thomas.

During the final hours of their 32,000 miles journey, the three teams went back from South Korea to Los Angeles, California where they had to do a bungee jump off a giant crane in Port of Long Beach, decorate a float for the Tournament of Roses parade and play a trivia contest with Bob Eubanks.

After four continents and 30 cities, the race ended in Beverly Hills' Greystone Mansion. Nat gave a phone interview to AP, saying "It still feels unreal. Having to keep it a secret until just a half-hour ago made it difficult for it to feel real. I could only share stories with Nat. We'd say to each other, 'Do you believe what we did?!' " She also said that the competition was tougher than what they thought in terms of its physical demand.

The next season of "The Amazing Race" would feature all-star teams who have competed in the previous seasons. Some of the teams have been revealed during the season 17 finale. They are reality show couple "Boston Rob" Mariano and Amber Brkich; Brook and Claire from season 17; cowboy brothers Jet and Cord from season 16; season 15's father/son duo Gary and Matt Tomljenovich; and goth team Kynt and Vixsin.

Called "Unfinished Business", the 18th season debuts February 20.


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posted by kenguardian on Jan 04, 2011
i also want jill & thomas be back of the game, they played very well in every challengs. they also win 1st 4 times.
posted by RENNAN on Jan 03, 2011
Some websites list Rob and Amber as contestants. Others don't. I saw where Amber just had a baby. That means that she must have been BIG when they filmed this. So, somehow, I kind of doubt that she was there. I can't picture a pregnant woman bungee jumping. Can somebody confirm or deny this?
posted by ME on Dec 30, 2010
At least Rob and Amber support each other and don't scream abuse at one another like so many other teams do. Rob is completely positive and supportive to Amber which I totally appreciate and respect.
posted by annoyed on Dec 28, 2010
Of course when you flood the field with FOUR all-female teams you tip the scales to make sure there is an ALL-FEMALE winner. Duh. I was extremely offended by this season and routed against the female teams at every leg. Didn't even bother watching all of it after a while. Just clicked to see if the ending would be unsatisfactory. And it was.
posted by DGF on Dec 13, 2010
Its about entertaining television!! I love the Amazing Race, and though I agree that Rob and Amber can be annoying, they are are also smart competitors and their involvment will make for very lively television. I'll be sure to watch.
posted by Phil on Dec 13, 2010
There are many others who want a chance to compete. Please stop returning the same obnoxious Rob and Amber and others that have have their day in the sun. Is it too difficult to choose new contestants. I will not be watching next season.
posted by DebShaunacy on Dec 13, 2010
Rob and Amber have never won the Amazing Race...
posted by RefMan on Dec 13, 2010
SPOILER ALERT for TAR18 Destinations: Los Angeles, CA (Start City) Sydney, Australia Broken Hill, Australia Tokyo, Japan Lijiang, China Kunming, China Kolkata, India Vienna, Austria Zurich, Switzerland Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Miami, FL (End City)
posted by RefMan on Dec 13, 2010
SPOILER ALERT for TAR18 Teams: Ron & Christina (TAR12) Kynt & Vyxsin (TAR12) Jaime & Cara (TAR14) Margie & Like (TAR14) Kisha & Jen (TAR14) Mike & Mel (TAR14) Amanda & Kris (TAR14) Flight Time & Big Easy (TAR15) Zev & Justin (TAR15) Jet & Cord (TAR16) Gary & Mallory (TAR17)
posted by RefMan on Dec 13, 2010
The promo for TAR: UNFINISHED BUSINESS is misleading in that not all of the teams shown in the promo are actually on TAR18 (which coincidentally wraps filming today in Miami). All of the teams are from TAR seasons 12-17. Read on if you want to know more.....
posted by nevadamoxie on Dec 12, 2010
Rob and Amber both suck. If they are on again I won't be watching the next race. Someone who has already won should not be allowed to comete again.

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