Julia Roberts Pictured Confronting Paparazzi

December 10, 2010 08:38:34 GMT

The Oscar winner was seen getting right into the photographer's face when she saw him taking pictures of her family in Los Angeles on December 6.

Julia Roberts
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Julia Roberts goes from "Pretty Woman" to a lady with swagger when it comes to her family's privacy. The movie beauty was recently spotted confronting a paparazzi when she noticed him taking pictures of her family in Los Angeles.

On Monday, December 6, Roberts was walking with her husband Danny Moder and her three children, 6-year-old twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus "Finn" Walter Moder and 3-year-old Henry Daniel Moder. In a photo obtained by Radar, the 43-year-old actress, donning a blazer and sunglasses, was seen getting right into the photographer's face.

This is not the first time Roberts takes action to paparazzi following her and her family. Back in 2009, she had been caught on camera swearing and ranting at a photographer whom she accused of following her all day long. "You are harassing me. Get the f*** out of my face. You have followed me all over town. I have had it with you," she yelled at the photographer at that time.


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posted by grey\'s fan on Dec 11, 2010
Good for her! I'd do the exact same. My elbow would have been hurting other parts though! Don't mess with anyone's kids.
posted by Erica on Dec 10, 2010
Yes! We Scorpio's don't put up with shit from anyone or anybody and especially when it comes to our families business. Respect me and my family and you will get the same respect back. Julia is the celebrity not her children or her family. She is human just like us and all she want's is to spend time with her hubby and family alone not with people following her. There is nothing wrong with that. Respect her family time! Julia, you did what you had to do to protect your family from those dumb as Papparazzi and I applaud you for standing up to them and cursing the Hell out of those jerks! We do need to place laws to protect our celebraties from being followed by these damn Paparrazi's. They'r just hungry to put out a story that most of the times are not even true. Hoorah for Julia!
posted by KillThePaparazzi on Dec 10, 2010
Really the Paparazzi is scum. Bottom feeders of society. Don't look at their photos. Don't by the mags. If you do you are supporting people that live by invading other people's lives. Personally I'd end up in jail since I'd just starting wailing at them until they died. Ms. Roberts I don't care for you movies, but you have every right to swear at these bastards.
posted by Nyclongshanks on Dec 10, 2010
To all those asking her to quit the bizz to avoid the paparazzis, WTF?? Diana's murder wasnt enough to satiate this mad thirst. The scums need a few more head trophies in their living rooms.
posted by marty on Dec 10, 2010
@ Moi and ;(notsojulia, She is the celebrity, not her family. Get real!! Just because a parent is a celebrity, does not make the children celebrities too. Only the sick fascination of people like you keep the paparazzi in buisness!!
posted by btt on Dec 10, 2010
Had it been my be in jail
posted by Meg on Dec 10, 2010
Just because someone is a celebrity does not mean the public should have access to their every move. It's ridiculous the way they are hounded. Gees, they are just people who happen to act for a living!!!!! There needs to be serious laws and consequences for these photographers who hound, yell at, stalk. Julia has always handled herself with grace and dignity but this kind of harrassment would push anybody over the edge.
posted by Doom on Dec 10, 2010
I'm with her; paparazzi are scum/bottom feeders. They are all glorified stalkers. "Famous" people give interviews, sign autographs, have photo shoots, pose for photos at specific events, etc. There's no need for paparazzi, and no excuse for these "legal stalkers". They should be arrested, at the very least.
posted by :(notsojulia on Dec 10, 2010
Great role model...get the f*** out of my face. Hmmm which is worse...screaming, cursing mommy or a person taking pictures of the superstar and her family. Those pics will only add to her already ridiculous fortune. Get a life Julia!
posted by MK on Dec 10, 2010
Good for Julia! The paparazzi hound people to Princess Di. Time for them to BACK OFF!! Especially when it comes to children.
posted by Moi on Dec 10, 2010
Seems 'Americas Sweetheart' has anger management problems. This is not the first time she has blown up at paparzzi. She's been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years; she should expect all of this attention. She and her family are celebrities - not 'normal' people. If she wants normality, she should quit the biz and get a normal job.
posted by cottin on Dec 10, 2010
quit making movies and no one will care what you do!
posted by Reelbiz on Dec 10, 2010
Guess she should get out of the biz then and really protect her family
posted by Zoey on Dec 10, 2010
she really loves her kids and wants them to have a normal childhood.
posted by angel on Dec 10, 2010
YOU GO GIRL!! Teach them about respecting your privacy!
posted by Denver Businessman on Dec 10, 2010
You did well Julia! Good Scorpio woman who rocks and doesn't take crap!
posted by Fed Up 71! on Dec 10, 2010
The lady is 100% correct. It's time we pass laws to stop the harassment by these money hungry jerks!
posted by suzedy312 on Dec 10, 2010
It's about time someone got in their faces - enough is enough!! They are human too!
posted by SF Irish Rebel on Dec 10, 2010
Julia, good for you!

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