Ryan Murphy Talks 'Glee' Super Bowl and Spring Episodes

December 08, 2010 09:40:52 GMT

He gives a nod to some rumors out there including a big Sue Sylvester blowout, but denies Katie Couric's number in the February 6 episode.

Ryan Murphy
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"Glee" is taking a holiday break and will only return in February with the highly-anticipated Super Bowl episode. While preview is not immediately available, co-creator Ryan Murphy is willing to share a bit of what fans can expect upon the return in an interview with Rolling Stone.

First of all, Murphy would like to explain why "Glee" takes a long break while most of other shows return in January. "I always think it's good when the show goes off air and make people miss it a little bit," he said, adding that there will be two episodes airing in one week, one which follows the Super Bowl episode on Sunday, and another on the regular Tuesday slot.

Regarding what to expect overall, Murphy said, "I'm excited about our spring season because we're going back to the earlier Glee episodes. We really love all of our characters and the soap opera aspects of the show and now that we're cooking we'll be featuring those great stories in the back half."

Murphy went on confirming that "Thriller", Katie Couric and a big Sue Sylvester blowout will occur in the Super Bowl episode. Calling the "Thriller" details "top secret", he hinted, "All I'll say about that is that we're putting a new spin on it that I think people will really like." He, however, debunked the story that Couric would do "Tea for Two".


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posted by CarolC on Dec 09, 2010
I don't understand why people throw themselves at Finchel. The relationship started out as the insipid love-at-first-song. Finchel is actually well-fleshed out in the Seconed season, the writers are juxapositioning the couple's differences and conflicts. But what got the shippers started? The couple was so insipid and shallow at first.
posted by Zchase on Dec 08, 2010
Dude if people stopped watching a show just because the main couple broke up, Friends would have been off after two seasons...and a ton of other shows for that matter
posted by hi on Dec 08, 2010
i agree with Tony. If you dont like it, fine. But he produced the first season as well. which you liked.
posted by Tony on Dec 08, 2010
You're an idiot Will
posted by Will on Dec 08, 2010
He is a horrible producer. He is messing up GLEE. First was awesome. 2nd season not. I think fans are done. The writing in general sucks. Especially with Rachel and Finn. They shoudl be together. I am done watching until I hear that they are back together.

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