Nicki Minaj Protecting Her Butt With Barbed Wire on 'Lopez Tonight'

December 08, 2010 09:23:02 GMT

To protect her 'magical powers' from being grabbed, Nicki Minaj was given a barbed wire booty protector by George Lopez.

Nicki Minaj Protecting Her Butt With Barbed Wire on 'Lopez Tonight'
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Nicki Minaj was given a so-called booty protector by George Lopez when she visited his show "Lopez Tonight" on December 6. The femcee is well known for her curvy figure and that makes such fans as Regis Philbin and Rihanna couldn't resist to grab her behind.

"We have to protect your magical powers, so I've created a booty protector for you," the comedian said while handing the hand-made belt looking like a barbed wire to Minaj. In response, the rapper stated, "I love this, George thank you! I love this." She put it on and showed it off to the audience.

Wearing multi-colored wig, green stockings and matching outfit, Minaj also signed Lopez's chest and gave him a name, "Her name's Rosa!" Later, she made a live performance, catering the viewers with "Moment 4 Life" which actually features Drake in the album version.

The TV appearance was part of promotional effort of her debut album "Pink Friday" which came out last month. During the Monday visit, she managed to talk about her success and what is the best way to spend a one-day off. "I stayed in bed all day - it was so fun!" she said.


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posted by Dejohnae on Dec 18, 2010
you guys are all haterz.. just leave her the F**K alone and start living your livez.... if she is fake let her be fake but if she aint then let her be.... go i swear to God that u all have no life... Happy Birthday Nicki!-Dejohnae
posted by shoddy afro on Dec 18, 2010
bull i wouldnt fuck for my life am african and we find dyed hair revolting
posted by mmmm on Dec 08, 2010
bitch ur ass and everything is fake ur a man i like da old nicki
posted by sexycarmel23 on Dec 08, 2010
happy b-day nikk i send u much love
posted by The_Ultimate_Kenbarb on Dec 08, 2010
Happy birthday Nicki!!!
posted by Great Handodo on Dec 08, 2010
Nicki is a sex pit! Who wants to fuck her? Wow! Happy butt-day nicki

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