'Walking Dead' Ended With Explosion and Secret Whisper

December 06, 2010 05:08:41 GMT

Dr. Jenner tells Rick something ala 'Lost in Translation' before the survivors leave Centers for Disease Control for good.

'Walking Dead' Ended With Explosion and Secret Whisper
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"The Walking Dead" signed off from the first season with a bang, literally, and a mysterious whisper. The December 5 episode started with [Spoilers Ahead] a flashback that redeems Shane in the viewers' thought. Turns out he did think that Rick was dead at the hospital but he concealed the room and ran for his own life anyway.

Back on the CDC, the survivors met Dr. Jenner and took time to treat themselves with hot shower and wine. Just when Shane's reputation went up a bit by the initial sympathy, he tried to rape Lori. Later, Jenner explained what TS-19 means and revealed that it was his scientist wife who volunteered herself to be bitten and then studied.

Then there came the bad news of CDC counting down for a big "decontamination". They got 30 minutes to leave the facility but some like Jacqui and Andrea chose to stay. But Dale was not giving up Andrea so easily, saying he wouldn't leave if she doesn't. In the end, it was Jacqui who kept Jenner in company.

Before they took off, Jenner whispered something to Rick. And then boom! Viewers are kept in the dark about what the doctor said to Rick and may only find out when the season 2 premieres next year. AMC still has not confirmed whether it's true or not that the new season starts October 2011. But producer Gale Ann Hurd stated that co-creator Frank Darabont and exec producer/comic book author Robert Kirkman would map out the second season in January.

Plus, there's still no sighting of Merle in the finale and perhaps it would be explained in the new season. Michael Rooker who plays the redneck said before the finale, "It it's really set up well for me to bounce back, and I'm looking forward to it."


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posted by FVS on Jul 27, 2012
Oh hey btw i know that this is totaly off subject but uhh does anyone play Dungeons and Dragons online? i just started so uhh if you do uhh om me or just add me to friends my name is SchnauzerBoy :) DDO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!
posted by FVS on Jul 27, 2012
ok those werent his exact words but uhh they were something like that and i knnow that they were
posted by FVS on Jul 27, 2012
Ok you guys are all wrong i studied the screen for like 3 hours and played it back and forth on audio his exact words were "Everyone is infected ... thats why i am giving up...:("
posted by Tman1992 on Dec 23, 2011
I think Dr. Jener told Rick that he was a special case when it came to the virus. IDK what he specifically said but maybe if Rick dies the world will lose something of value in his blood
posted by not pregnancy on Feb 03, 2011
Blood tests are specific and why would a CDC have pregnancy tests available...and why on Earth would Jenner use them? Also, if infection is airborne and all are infected, a)why does the "fever" not come until you are bitten and b) why would Jenner bother with protective clothing in the lab? I am with the "Rick is a carrier" schoolbut it doesnt explain how he got out of the hospital...if he "smells" like a zombie then why do they attack him like anyone else?
posted by children shouldn\'t on Jan 03, 2011
i think he whispered that it was maggie simpson who shot mr. burns... no wait... it was waylon smithers.
posted by Answer Man on Dec 24, 2010
I know for a fact what he said - "Make sure to watch out for those damn zombies out there..."
posted by mkoa on Dec 12, 2010
Why would the doctor whispered that Lori is pregnant when he doesn't know Shane had sex with Lori. I mean, he could have assumed rick is the father of that child (if Lori is really pregnant). So, what I think the doctor whispered is that there's still a possibility of a cure already developed in some place. And that's where Rick and co. will go.
posted by rickisinfected on Dec 07, 2010
I think it has something to do with 1) the bloodtest results and 2) the explanation for how rick got out of the hospital without being eaten. He may be a carrier or have some special immunity or dormant virus living in him. The pregnancy explanation would be just too soap opera for a zombie show
posted by DaveT on Dec 07, 2010
No, he whispered that he was behind 9/11, and that Rick's son was awake every time they had sex 3 feet away from him
posted by chuck1walsh on Dec 07, 2010
your all wrong. i studied it very carefully he whispered in his ear that your partner tried to rape your wife...duh. remember he has cameras everywhere
posted by jdnyc on Dec 07, 2010
i think he whispered that everyone carries the infection and it activates when they die
posted by Bill on Dec 06, 2010
I agree, Cmack. I thought that would be the best explanation.
posted by Jayman on Dec 06, 2010
I'm guessing that Jenner whispered that the blood tests showed Lori to be pregnant.
posted by Dee on Dec 06, 2010
I think "Cmack" could be correct. But, I will throw out this theory: I think Dr. Jenner whispered that there is no cure to the virus.
posted by zevjet on Dec 06, 2010
thats actually a awsome call cmack that probably is right!
posted by Cmack on Dec 06, 2010
He whispered that Rick's wife is pregnant. He did analyze all their blood and Shane had sex with her during Rick's absence. Also as to why he told Rick that soon he won't be "grateful" for letting them live on. So that's what I believe.

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