Video: Chelsea Handler Mocks Angelina Jolie on Stage

December 06, 2010 04:05:11 GMT

A best friend of Jennifer Aniston, Handler calls Jolie a 'home wrecker' and a 'b***h' during her stand-up routine in Newark, NJ this weekend.

Video: Chelsea Handler Mocks Angelina Jolie on Stage
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Chelsea Handler has proven to be a loyal friend of Jennifer Aniston. Appearing for a stand-up routine in Newark, NJ on Friday, December 3, the comedienne risked her reputation by slamming Angelina Jolie who was infamously accused of stealing Brad Pitt from the "Friends" star.

Handler called Jolie a "home wrecker" and added, "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don't f**king believe you ... she gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c**t ... you're a f**king b***h."

Not feeling sorry for what she said, the 35-year-old host who was recently hit with an alleged sex tape scandal even admitted, "I have been making fun of Angelina Jolie for years."

While mocking the "Salt" star, Handler who has become close pal of Aniston over the past few months is reportedly very supportive to the former girlfriend of John Mayer. "She believes Jen is fabulous in her 40s and needs to paint the town red. No more sitting at home alone with her dogs. No more quiet dinners out with Courteney Cox and the girls. She's trying to convince Jen it's finally time to cut off all that hair and start over," a source said.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie themselves never made argument in public. However, for years media keeps telling reports which highlight how the two dislike each other, especially allegedly because of Jolie's jealousy.


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posted by Joliefan on Apr 24, 2012
Chelsea is a old, jealous looking hag! she needs to worry about her own love life, and move on! Jolie has more class than both Chelsea and Jenn both. both look like whores to me.
posted by kelli on Dec 11, 2010
I love chelsea handler. It is all true. Angelina is disgusting and crazy. Angelina has no friends people!!!! Why is that????? Jennifer aniston has hundreds of friends. Why is that????? Maybe because shes wonderful and fun. I have a feeling brad and jen will end up together.
posted by angie on Dec 11, 2010
Chelsea is awesome and sooo correct. All the do gooder stuff is not out of the kindness of her heart. IT IS TO HELP HER MOVIE CAREER!!! Wake up people. Angelina does not give a shit about anyone or anything except being the biggest movie star ever and saying fuck you to all the other celebs who have been laughing at her for years. She does not care about poor people . She takes a private jet to a 5 star hotel, goes and has her picture taken looking all sad and then gets back on her private jet and flies to her 40 million dollar house. And you peaple believe it???? There are sooo many bad things written about her that she needs some good headlines. And the dogooder fake stuff is how she gets them. You people are stupid.
posted by blowjob on Dec 07, 2010
Jennifer is a coward old hack. Telling her paid dog to bark the words for her. You're nothing but a pathetic, ugly, old hack!
posted by sadtosay on Dec 06, 2010
Chelsea stop picking on a woman who has done more good in each day of her life than you have in your lifetime. It's clear Angie and Brad are soul mates. Jen is just cut from a different cloth and needs to find someone who is like her. Leave Angie alone.
posted by Rosebud on Dec 06, 2010
I think Brad should get a protective order against J.Aniston. It sounds like Aniston is overly jealous and obsessed over the mother of Brad's children. Jen is always drinking Grey Goose Vodka. I think Jen is an alcoholic and it's altering her personality drasticly.
posted by titi on Dec 06, 2010
Chelsea always made fun of Angelina, there's nothing new in this, it's not because of her frendship with Jennifer Aniston. You just have to watch Chelsea on Jay Leno (i think it was) YEARS AGO and she was already making fun of this bi*** !
posted by lruss on Dec 06, 2010
This was very unprofessional to state a personal opinion about another celeb to your crowd on such a serious issue. If you are just doing this to stick up for jennifer aniston, you should consider the fact that she probably does not want you to keep this affair in the spotlight. Brad left by choice, no one made him.
posted by Chelsea is the bigge on Dec 06, 2010
Seriously Chelsea, isn't funny at all, she makes watch my dog scrub his butt on the ground more entertaining than she is. WOW, lets give a big applause to Jen and Chels for being middle age high school students, like grow the fuck up! Brad left on his choice. He didn't have anything to lose really in my opinion
posted by joeyyyyyyy on Dec 06, 2010
she makes a living by talking about celebs
posted by Mime on Dec 06, 2010
Aniston move on alrady.
posted by Starr on Dec 06, 2010
Jen can't let her fans know what a vindictive jealous fatal attraction she is so she gets Chelsea to speak for her. Brad is where he wants to be. How is name calling going to make Jen feel better. I think Chelsea and Jennifer A. are lesbians.
posted by Jen is crazy on Dec 06, 2010
When will Jen finally be over this? I don't remember Chelsea being nasty to Angelina until she started to be friends with Jen. Shows that Jen is a stalker and is still angry about it. Poor Brad. He has to still deal with this crazy woman who refuses to leave him alone. I bet he's so sorry to have ever married that crazy cat lady. Nobody stays with her long. Must be a reason for that. Scary.
posted by Gross on Dec 06, 2010
Can Jennifer Aniston just move on with her life? Why does she have to get her good friend to trash her ex's girlfriend? Obviously Brad wanted kids and Jen didn't. It wasn't meant to be. But it's easier to blame Angelina for everything. Leave them alone, already. IT'S been 6 years and 6 kids already. Get therapy and MOVE ON with your life.
posted by BTI on Dec 06, 2010
good job Chelsea!
posted by WOMEN on Dec 05, 2010
bitch chelsea, stop insult angelina jolie thats why she never insult you, she is very good attitude and respect to each other than her, chelsea is very ugly and big mouth!
posted by goodgirl on Dec 05, 2010
bitch chelsea,stop compare to angelina jolie and jennifer aniston, shit shit shit shit!stop gossip! GOD PUNISHMENT YOU SURE!
posted by Who Cares on Dec 05, 2010
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don't like Chelsea, don't watch her. Period.
posted by IluvAngelina on Dec 05, 2010
This ugly old had has jealousy written all over her. I wouldn't be surprise if Angie doesn't decide to waste her time on this classless wreck. Angelina is too classy for this old lady.
posted by BEP on Dec 05, 2010
Keep on being your classy self, Chelsea. If you were trying to be comedic, I think you failed. Calling other women bitches and stuff... well, who are you compared to Angelina Jolie?

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