Joe Jonas' Girlfriend Ashley Greene Talks Marriage

Ashley Greene

Greene doesn't believe in a marriage constitution but won't mark her words for she could be the first of her friends to get married.

Madly-in-love Ashley Greene appears on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine's January 2011 issue, wearing nothing underneath a thin layer of white shirt. Not only is her picture interesting but also her discussion of marriage in the inside interview.

The Alice Cullen of "Twilight" movies admitted that she is not a believer in a signed union. "I'm indifferent about marriage. I think sometimes people get married so they can say they have that person forever. But a ring doesn't ensure that you'll stay together," Greene said.

But then the actress who is now dating Joe Jonas quickly added with a laugh, "Watch, now that I've said that I will be the first of my friends to get married!"

Greene, 23, started dating Jonas, 21, months after he broke up with Demi Lovato. Playing it coy at first, they show affection for each other in public more often these days. A pal told E! Online last month, "They are happy as ever right now."




    Mar 05, 2011

    whyy ? i dont understand i lovve ashley greene soo muchh and if she love him and he love her why not ?they should get marrid !!!!!! i thinkk that she need to say yes but ashley will do what she won't !

    Feb 08, 2011

    I say do whatever you want.. it's not up to the fans to chose who joe should or should not like. He is a big boy and can control his own life and the people in it. If he likes ashley there is nothing wrong with it. She's pretty, smart, and seems like a down to earth girl.. It's just all up to joe, so stop telling him who he shouldn;t like.. :]

    Jan 20, 2011

    Plz joe don't think about getin maryd nw. You r stil v young joe. Plz dunt. U'l los lots f fans bcz lyk 8 or nt ashley s nt meant 4 u.

    Dec 11, 2010

    joe i begging u don`t do it u

    Dec 08, 2010

    I Think There too loung

    Dec 03, 2010

    I don't believe Joe would fall for that but with how many relationships he has had I am not surprised by what Ashley says. Truth be known if Joe ever got married to Ashley she would truly break his heart and taken something from him he would not be able to even get back. If Joe hears this which I hope he does. GET AWAY FROM ASHLEY BEFORE BEFORE THINGS GET WORSE! And I mean that too. If people like what I said fine if they don't let them deal with it because that is what I believe and I don't back down from it. And that is all I have the say.

    Dec 03, 2010

    joe i dont think u should get married to ashley i think she only want to marry u so that she can be the first of her frenz to get married and remember she said she think that when a person get married they own the man so am saying joe please dont end up hurt and remember that god love u

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