Miley Cyrus Talks to Lawyers Over Fake Nude Picture

December 03, 2010 04:04:02 GMT

Beside dismissing the nude picture rumor, Miley's camp is also considering to take legal action to settle the issue.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Apega/WENN

Soon after a raunchy picture of a woman claimed as Miley Cyrus' came out, people from her camp quickly deny it and they are now "in touch with lawyers and considering action," GossipCop reported. Beside relying on the statement from Miley's camp, the site also mentioned some evidences that the photo is indeed fake.

Miley has a tattoo read "Just Breathe" under her left breast, and the woman in question doesn't have it. The other things that further question the racy picture is that the woman's face is not shown in the image and also she is skinnier than the Disney star.

The rumor of Miley's nude picture hit the web along with a story that her iPhone was stolen. The photo was reported to be taken in a sexting session during her brief stay at the Westin Palace hotel following the recent MTV Video Music Awards.


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posted by PRETTY MAMA on Dec 14, 2010
posted by Yeah on Dec 09, 2010
Juss leave her alone. its juss a rumour okay
posted by miley # 1 fan on Dec 08, 2010
leave miley alone i mean y would she post something lik that everything she does someone changes it 2 bab god y dont u aw just get a li4e
posted by I HATE THEM! on Dec 04, 2010
I agree
posted by miley fan on Dec 04, 2010
posted by lalala on Dec 03, 2010
People keep saying that in a mirror shot everything is backwards but no, try take a picture and see that everything is just the same.
posted by mileyfan on Dec 03, 2010
i love miley but i'm pretty sure it IS her. cause clearly she's not gonna show her face incase the picture got out. and it was a mirror shot so the tattoo would of been the other side. kkkk : )
posted by gday on Dec 03, 2010
we're d huge fans,and we will not believe it bcoz we believe only on Miley's side...gogo gurl we love you!!!
posted by Well on Dec 03, 2010
Well ya people are stupid like seriously you can easly cut a person face and paste to another comon be smart it's childish that people this days be talk shit with out the truth like don't judge if you don't know shit
posted by ur all wrong on Dec 03, 2010
Omg u guys are fucking retarted.. in a mirror everything is reversed, and there is a pic with her face.
posted by Debrico on Dec 03, 2010
Honestly, people in general need to leave this girl alone. God, it's like anything she does, they have to turn into a negative. Leave her alone, and let her live her life. Yes, I'm a fan of hers, so back off!
posted by miley biteme on Dec 03, 2010
this will only make her more famous. dont try to deny and say its fake i know a real picture when i see one
posted by Uh-huh... on Dec 02, 2010
Has anyone else noticed the picture was taken IN A MIRROR?!? Therefore, it would be under the right breast, which was covered. Honestly...

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