Charice: I Am Not Dating David Archuleta

December 01, 2010 06:21:38 GMT

Seen together with Archuleta in a lot of occasions, Charice says she doesn't dedicate love songs for him.

David Archuleta, Charice
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Charice puts an end to the long-time rumor that she is dating fellow young singer David Archuleta. The two had frequently shared a stage since his coming as an "American Idol" runner-up and her breakthrough in U.S. In early November, they came together for the tree lighting at The Grove, in Los Angeles.

During a Billboard Live Q & A on Monday, November 29, Charice answered questions from fans who are curious of what's going on between them. A fan wrote, "Charice you sing love songs w/so much emotion, are you thinking of somebody while singing? Is it David Archuleta?"

Charice replied, "First of all, I am friends with David and he is a great guy. Second, about singing love songs with emotion, it's part of being a singer. If it's a love song, sometimes I dedicate it to my friends, family, but not David Archuleta." One later gave a more direct question whether they are dating and she responded, "No, No."

Charice is featured on Archuleta's Christmas 2009 album "Christmas from the Heart" in the classic "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."


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posted by malia08 on Mar 02, 2011
Both are too young to be involved in a serious relationship. They are good together as friends and both are talented. They are so good singing together. They respect each other and both are good examples for other young people. Love them both!!!
posted by katie on Jan 10, 2011
i love them both, if they are really meant soon they will be, no need to rush out things
posted by jecs! on Jan 09, 2011
Let their hearts to decide!for my observation they are not ready yet in that matter,love is kindness patience endurance,and most of all they need to keep their purity before married the right person to be choose and fedility after married,so leave them alone they are still too young for thatmatter.
posted by Isabela on Jan 04, 2011
I dont think they will makr a good couple cuz i think david is not ready for love and even he s but he is not good for charice..but charice is cool :D
posted by elizabeth on Dec 26, 2010
i don't think they'll make a great couple.. charice is great and all but i'd rather if david would date miley cyrus.. maybe he can get her straight.. you know, make her BECOME a better person perhaps? she IS rumored to be a bad girl nowadays.. maybe he can set things right if they go steady and date.. :DDD
posted by JASON on Dec 20, 2010
posted by ShashaFairy on Dec 06, 2010
sweet :)
posted by Cody2610 on Dec 06, 2010
Oh come on! They are too young for that..
posted by Tina on Dec 06, 2010
David is such a gentleman! & that Charice is very talented!
posted by Kate on Dec 06, 2010
LOL They are so sweet!

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