Nicki Minaj in 'Shock' After Regis Philbin Grabbed Her Butt on TV

December 01, 2010 02:29:13 GMT

The rapper, whose booty became the talk of the town, got more than what she bargained for when the old man placed his hand where it is not supposed to be.

Nicki Minaj in 'Shock' After Regis Philbin Grabbed Her Butt on TV
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One person who could not resist Nicki Minaj's rear end is Regis Philbin. Minaj, 25, appeared on "Live with Regis and Kelly" on Monday, November 29 to promote her newly-released album "Pink Friday" by performing "Right Thru Me".

Once the performance ended, Philbin and Kelly Ripa approached her on-stage for a quick interview. The 79-year-old man then stroked the front part of her dress before patting her bottom. A shocked Kelly exclaimed, "Regis! What just happened?"

However, Regis was not done, for he responded to Minaj's statement in a 'playful' way which may not be suitable for a daytime show. Minaj told Philbin that her friend Lil Wayne told her "to go hard." Philbin said, "Go hard? I wish I could." The rapper only smiled while the audience cheered.

When asked on Twitter how she felt after grabbed by Regis, Minaj replied, "LOL. I was in shock!"

The interview starts at 2:50 mark in the video below:


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posted by NickiISquEEnISIS on Dec 07, 2010
posted by chellsea on Dec 02, 2010
Still, he is a 79 year old man and should be more respectful than that. He probably didn't mean any harm, but I'm sure it was really awkward for Nicki that a man old enough to be her grandpa grabbed her butt.
posted by illa4eva on Dec 02, 2010
I was sittn on my couch watchn in on HD when he slap back there but it was a little below the but line me and my husband rewind it like 10 times....but thats reggis he didnt mean no harm....shit she claim she can handle da game and dis come wit it so...toughn up....

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