Snippet of New Song 'Black Friday': Lil' Kim Hitting Back at Nicki Minaj

November 26, 2010 04:36:53 GMT

Beside slamming Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim also takes aim at her Young Money labelmate Drake who defended Minaj since the beginning of their feud.

Snippet of New Song 'Black Friday': Lil' Kim Hitting Back at Nicki Minaj
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Catfight between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj continues as they become less and less impressed with each other. A new song called "Black Friday" most recently made its way out, featuring Kim challenging Minaj who has already dropped a diss song called "Roman's Revenge".

"I'm turning Pink Friday to Friday The 13th," Kim rapped, referring to Minaj's newly-released debut album. "Aight, you Lil' Kim clone clown/ All this buffoonery s**t stops now/ Time for you to lay down/ I'm sick of the fraud/ I'll put hands on this b**ch like Obama's guards."

In addition, Kim called out Minaj's labelmate Drake in the other verses, "This his hood sh**t you and Drake ain't built for. This sh**t the other b**ch almost got killed for." When the feud between the two females emerged earlier this year, Drizzy upset Kim by taking Minaj's side.

Beside addressing the issue in their songs, Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj also kept blasting each other in interviews. Responding to Minaj calling her a "sore loser," Kim said in a chat with H8terade Radio, "That was cute for her. B***hes like her do s**t like that. Talk on ho, it's easy talk when them album sales ain't back yet."

"Since you talking 'bout the history books, let's talk about the fucking history books, damn it. B***h I got a Grammy, b***h. I got number ones, sweetie. Source gave my last album 5 motherf**king mics, ho. What the f**k they give you?"


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posted by monroe on Mar 11, 2011
lil kim just needs to stop , nicki doing her thang . why hate? yall both just do what yall do. Black Friday is corney why talk about Nicki on every song . I see who the biggest hater .
posted by Omg on Dec 09, 2010
NIki and kim cool know so yall need to squash dat shit
posted by h-town finest on Dec 02, 2010
yeup dionna right whup dat azz kim nicki its barbie azz
posted by WTF on Dec 02, 2010
THIS SHIZZ NEEDS TO STOP NOW it pathetic! why is it that lil kim chooses to start of her new album insulting an artist, wtf!? really? is she that idel??? there is no beef they r nothin alike
posted by Pumpkinn on Dec 01, 2010
Dey Bothh Need Ta Stop , Dey Bothh Good Soo Y Beef ?
posted by By All Means . on Nov 29, 2010
Yoo like , I love this feud ! Cause, they true colors showing. And I wanna see who gone choke up first. Lil Kim hard core , idk about Nicki Minaj. But Lil Kim getting her spot back in thaa Hip - Hop world. rfr !
posted by smh on Nov 29, 2010
I wonder if country singers have beef like this??? Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson fussing!!! LOL Na I think its only the blck artist that beef like this all the time.....smh
posted by FUNGIRL on Nov 28, 2010
posted by p*starr on Nov 27, 2010
You have to admit....Nicki does kinda sound and look like Kim. If you listen hard enough she kinda sounds like drake and weezy. I like both her and Kim but Kim is a musical icon and Nicki is new just not sure if I would enjoy a whole album of hers. She just sounds good on collaborations and that isnt the same with Kim. So i really do give this feud to Lil' Kim.
posted by Ms. Lady on Nov 27, 2010
Kim is responding to several disrespectful things that Nicki threw in several verses. People tend to ignore that when they call her a hater. How is standing up for yourself being a hater. Kim decided not to ignore the ish and put Nicki in her place. Who can blame her. Nicki deserves to be checked. Then the beef can be over and albums can sell.
posted by Lil Ken on Nov 27, 2010
yah Kim has the right dis on this fake ass wanna be Kim, then let kim diss on here yo
posted by nette nette on Nov 27, 2010
Real talk, no mf with sense wanna hear a whole album from nicki. she irritate the shit outta my ears. nick! is hot as long as everybody write her shit,and it still sounds terrible. make my ears bleed!
posted by nicklovesnicki on Nov 26, 2010
just bought nicki's album, and listening to Roman's Revenge, take that kim. your old news so except it.
posted by E Jet on Nov 26, 2010
Damn. I held my breath and expected 90s hungry battle Kim to come back. I got this. SMDH. minor #FAIL
posted by Ummm on Nov 26, 2010
Kim needs to stop hating on her fellow female rappers. She needs to realize fueling her career on hatred is petty and immature. Your a grown woman GROW UP. You cant always have your shine, things change. You cant complain everytime someone is getting success. this is getting ridiculous. If you wanna be the only rapper in the world then just shoot up every rapper/aspiring rapper in the world. I hope you will be happy after that.
posted by Vivi on Nov 26, 2010
I honestly don't see why Kim would hate on Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj has not obtained ten percent of the success that Kim has. Kim's albums have platinum status and five mics in the Source whereas Nicki's albums are getting bum reviews by most critics. Kim has a Grammy, Nicki does not. Kim is considered a legend; Nicki is considered new to the game. So..why again is Kim jealous? As for age, Kim AND Nicki are in the 25 and up crowd, so nan one of those chicks teenagers lol
posted by Debrico on Nov 26, 2010
Kim beef wit' everybody and that's no surprise! Plus, she bring alot a shit on herself. These past feuds she's had were unecessary and uncalled for. Nicki has worked very hard, and earned her success as an artist. " Pink Friday ", and her collabs with past artists are proof of that. I don't know what Kim's deal is but get it togetha. This shit you start gets old and played out. I don't blame Nicki one bit if in fact, " Roman's Revenge ", was about Kim cuz what go around come around. Kim can't get mad over some shit she started. And I am so tired of people sayin' Kim paved the way for so many female MC's. Correction, Salt - N - Pepa, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Yo-Yo paved the way. Hell, they paved the way for Kim while we at it. But like Trina said, this shit should of already of been squashed long before. It's just too bad Kim won't let it go! Some folks never mature. They remain immature forever!
posted by The Baddest on Nov 26, 2010
Lil Kim Is that bitch! Garbage Mina isj an imposter..only fake m.f's would be feeling that trash..Kim went in on that fake ass, mickey mouse rhyming, london fake ass, identity stealing, wanna be barbie, punk ass bitch..
posted by jojobknyc on Nov 26, 2010
Kim is an Icon-
posted by Sean B on Nov 26, 2010
posted by LIl Kim Fan on Nov 26, 2010
KIM YOU R HOT!!!! MICKEY Mouse Manaji is not!!!
posted by Nikki Who? on Nov 26, 2010
Nikki-Who????? she just wants attention. She copied off of her because she liked Kims style. She purposely did this so that she could start a beef, and Kim fell right into it.
posted by Rich Guy on Nov 26, 2010
Manaji is a LIL KIM CLONE CLOWN, that is funny. It doesnt matter if she was out before her. Yes she is older than her, and? Thats the only thing you have to say. Be orginal Nikki, you're ugly, face it and surgeory wont help. Drake is a soft faggot, getting in female disputes. that is a damn shame, I bet if he had to face a male he would tuck his ass and run. B**ch a**.
posted by nastydy on Nov 26, 2010
tht messd up!... thm two should stop wif the hatn
posted by Bitch please on Nov 26, 2010
Nicki album is hot its universal something 4 everyone something most female rappers dnt do maybe thats y there havent been one lately cuz they only knw trashy ghetto and thats not hip hop aint saything there nothin wrong with a lil ghetto with some classy oh like nicki.I cant wait to c wat nicki got 2 say. Best thing 2 do nicki is get lil wayne and drake remix roman revenge and kill this hatin bitch
posted by TASHA B on Nov 26, 2010
Manaji-a-Twa is an ugly beast. The only reason why anyone is even paying attention to her is b/c of Wayne, other than that we would be like Nikki-who? She is not an original she just resembles. Much props to Lil Kim she started the trend.
posted by ??? on Nov 25, 2010
who is that spanish tranny in that pic???
posted by lovealloverme on Nov 25, 2010
Everybody is saying nicki minaj album sucks.
posted by chris on Nov 25, 2010
The queen bee is back !!
posted by Tarnations on Nov 25, 2010
She's not a hater. Everytime someone calls out stupid lyrics like Minaj's that the masses seem to love,they're a "hater"? Alright then she is one,and every other real talent recognizing person is one too. Can you really take Nicki Minaj seriously?Like, as a serious person who is serious about life? Nope. This whole situation is dumb, Minaj is good enough but she's not good and far from respectable. Album sales are just a meter of how many mindless morons are willing to buy sh*tty music.
posted by perfection on Nov 25, 2010
i think lil kim is just a hater... nicky is blowing up bigtime and kim cant take it! shes not trying to be kim! shes bettr

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