Fellow Celebs Rave About Justin Bieber's AMAs Big Win Amidst Controversy

November 23, 2010 04:24:31 GMT

Sean Garret said Justin Bieber is 'the youngest in charge' who 'definitely got the ladies,' while Muse's Dominic Howard calls him 'Boy of the year.'

Justin Bieber
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Despite rumor that Justin Bieber was not the real winner of Artist of the Year at the recent American Music Awards, fellow celebrities like Sean Garrett and Muse have nothing but good words for the young star. They agreed that the Canadian singer is now the hottest guy in the game.

"He just kind of came out of nowhere," Garrett told MTV when asked about his opinion of Bieber's domination at the awards show. "He's excited. He's the youngest in charge, and he's definitely got the ladies." Muse's drummer Dominic Howard added, "Tonight he's won all the awards even though he's not quite a man yet. Boy of the year!"

Justin Bieber himself credited fans for his success. "I think that my fans have been such a supporting factor that, I mean, I couldn't be doing this without them, so this has just been amazing," the pint-sized idol gushed. "I owe it all to my fans, my family, my friends."

Of his family, he shared his father's reaction when finding out about his big win. "He was just telling me how proud he was. I'm Canadian, so he was like, it's like when he sees a hockey team score a goal and he jumps out of his seat," he said. "He's like, 'Yes! That's my boy.' So it was great," he stated.

Beside fans, friends and family, Bieber also took inspiration from the late King of Pop. He told the crowd when accepting Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, "Without Michael Jackson, none of us would be here." He even performed a song called "Pray" which was inspired by "Man in the Mirror".


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posted by DominicsMuse on Jan 19, 2011
haha. Dom,. you are my hero. "BOY" haha. xD
posted by Thao on Dec 05, 2010
its very good but just its not enough
posted by layla on Nov 25, 2010
You HATers are just jealous you don't HAVe Justin biebers Talent
posted by Me on Nov 25, 2010
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posted by Brian on Nov 23, 2010
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posted by Breanna(:! on Nov 22, 2010
He Did A M A Z I N G!(: &&; I Lovedd The New Song "Pray" Even When He Landed On His Knees!Aww Hes SweeT!(: Brianna-From El Paso,Texas!please comee ill be there 100% SURE!
posted by Justinn Bieber Fan on Nov 22, 2010
I super love justin and al of you haters that say things thats called"JELOUSY!!! "

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