Kris Allen Debuts Fan-Dedicated Video for 'Alright with Me'

November 19, 2010 08:32:30 GMT

This 'Thank You to the Fans' music video gives a closer look at Kris Allen when performing in front of fans, working in studio and hanging out with his friends.

Kris Allen Debuts Fan-Dedicated Video for 'Alright with Me'
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Kris Allen thanks his devotees for their on-going support by debuting "A Thank You to the Fans" music video for his single "Alright with Me". The clip is a montage of him on stage, in studio and during the break between those work schedules.

"Hey everyone this past year has been off the wall! Album...Touring...and everything that goes with it. The reason that it is all worth it is because of the fans," he tweeted. "You guys care so much and make this the best job out in the world. Here is something for you guys to take a gander at."

"Alright with Me" is the third single from the 2009 "American Idol" winner's self-titled first studio album "Kris Allen", following the releases of "Live Like We're Dying" and "The Truth". When announcing this third single on Twitter, he posted, "Thanks to everyone that has already believed in this song."

Kris Allen's "Alright with Me" music video


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posted by grant on Nov 21, 2010
I happened to see Kris Allen recently on tour with Lifehouse. Met him and his band in a restaurant around the corner from the theatre before the concert. It was great to see them all in this video. And it's a delightful video. I loved this song in concert and this is a cool video. Just popped in here to add my praise to the others.
posted by betsyD on Nov 21, 2010
This is a blast! I love Kris Allen. Sweet and sexy and adorable and talented! Arrgh!
posted by SWEET on Nov 20, 2010
posted by hiba on Nov 20, 2010
I really love this video and this song is AMAZING Gooooo Kris
posted by Heather on Nov 19, 2010
I love this fun, fun video!
posted by Steven on Nov 19, 2010
Great video. Is it the official one? Love that song.
posted by Guy on Nov 19, 2010
This video is AWESOME! Is this the official video for AWM? If not it should be! Kris is a hot, funny and very talented guy and his band is amazing, too! Can't wait to see what else Kris has in store for us.
posted by kite on Nov 19, 2010
catchy song i like it :)
posted by orchidas on Nov 19, 2010
Love this video! And thank you for the article!
posted by lisa on Nov 19, 2010
Love the video! It would be Alright With Me if VH1 showed it!
posted by Leslie on Nov 19, 2010
Love, love, love this video - the song, "Alright With Me," Kris' album - and KRIS ALLEN!!
posted by anon on Nov 19, 2010
Great song & great video!
posted by shhh on Nov 19, 2010
Corny, you really are corny.
posted by Judy on Nov 19, 2010
Love this video...shows just how much fun Kris and his band have sharing music with the fans. This is how fun their shows are. Dont ever change Kris Allen...we love you just the way you are.
posted by mt on Nov 19, 2010
aww so awesome that Kris made that for the fans. Great and un video!!
posted by Roars on Nov 19, 2010
I love this video, so fun, such an awesome song!!
posted by Jo Jo on Nov 19, 2010
Imrah, you're ignorant of how Kris is. This is THE REAL KRIS not the boring person his detractors like to paint him as, sorry but the only boring thing is people like you that refuse to belive Kris has a personality.
posted by Sara on Nov 19, 2010
thank you Kris as one of your biggest fans out there I love this video.
posted by Nellie on Nov 19, 2010
The video really shows Kris, Cale, Ryland, Chris and Andrew's TRUE personalty. Kris is never boring...only idiots think Kris is boring (see Corny below) but everyone that has met him says he has a great and fun personalty. LOVE THE VIDEO AND THE SONG.
posted by tammie on Nov 19, 2010
o Kris, I love that boy!!!!!
posted by ron on Nov 19, 2010
It's such a cool video, you can see how much fun they are having! LOVE Alright With Me!!!
posted by Win on Nov 19, 2010
This is a really fun video! LOVE this song!!!
posted by ellen on Nov 19, 2010
Love it! Love your dancing too, Kris! Hope this gets to be the "official" #AlrightWithMe video! ps - your band is awesome!
posted by Freddi on Nov 19, 2010
I love the video and the new song Alright With Me.
posted by Corny on Nov 19, 2010
All of Kris Allen's songs suck except Live Like We're Dying. Go do a new record Kris!!!
posted by jake on Nov 19, 2010
LOVE IT!!! I love these guys! So much greatness!!!
posted by imrah on Nov 19, 2010
I am sorry but this is not Kris Allen,He is trying to potray something he isn't. The comedy routin don't fit with the lyric and dance moves by Kris don't seem real it looks forced and out of caractor for Kris. Please stick with real Kris persona. OH and song is just boring, I like live like we are dying better.
posted by emdee on Nov 19, 2010
this video is so much fun, and perfect for Alright With Me!

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