Brad Pitt Could Appear as Cameo in Angelina Jolie's Directorial Debut

November 16, 2010 07:48:59 GMT

Jolie's lover allegedly has filmed his part last weekend, being featured in a scene where his character tries to escape a military facility.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt may land a role in Angelina Jolie's Bosnian movie which is still untitled. According to a Hungarian report from [origo] filmklub (via The Playlist), the "Inglourious Basterds" star will make a cameo appearance in the movie, which is currently in production.

According to the site, Pitt has filmed his scene on Saturday, November 13 with a second-unit crew in an abandoned military facility near the town of Kiskunlachaza. The scene is additionally said to feature Pitt's character trying to escape a military facility through a curtain of sniper fire.

This untitled Angelina Jolie project reportedly revolves around a love story of "a young Serb and a Muslim woman who fell in love several evenings before beginning of war in Bosnia. The action follows war events with the young Muslim woman ending up in a Serbian concentration camp from where she is somehow saved by the young Serb. Their love becomes passionate but impossible."

Bosnian actress Zana Marjanovic is cast as the lead actress for this drama movie, which is set during the Bosnian war of 1992-1995. Beside filmed in Hungary, the film is also shot in Bosnia.

Brad Pitt recently completed the principal photography of "Moneyball" and is waiting for the release of "The Tree of Life". He is linked to the lead roles in "Cogan's Trade" and "World War Z".


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posted by tracy felder on Nov 17, 2010
These comments are exactly what jen was trying to avoid. Angelina really did not want the responsibility of caring for children. But how better to trap brad. That sucker is not going anywhere.
posted by compare again on Nov 17, 2010
When jennifer aniston goes to work on a movie how many kids are being dumped on the nannies? Answer : none. When angelina jolie goes to work on a movie, how many kids are being dumped on the nannies? Six
posted by jenny on Nov 17, 2010
She has promised several times that she would take a few years off and pay some attention to her kids. All she does is lie.
posted by edie on Nov 17, 2010
This movie is a dud. She knows it already.
posted by jared lowen on Nov 17, 2010
The only thing that really matters to angelina jolie is her movie star status. Everything revolves around that. The kids purpose is to clean up her image, i dont think she actually wanted to make bottles and change diapers. She needed something to clean up her image and chose kids. But now she has 6 kids to deal with in between the photo ops. Thats why she has 5 nannies. To raise the kids between photo ops.
posted by harry on Nov 17, 2010
Every real parent knows it is impossible to pick up 2 kids at the same time. If brad or angie is holding 2 kids , its a setup photo. The kids are a shield to deflect all of mommys past behavior. It did not work . She is still a whore. But now she is a whore with kids. Poor kids.
posted by rhett on Nov 17, 2010
Angelina allows absolutely no disipline in her house. These kids are headed for prison.
posted by angie is dumb on Nov 17, 2010
She is screwing up those kids so bad just wait
posted by king is blind on Nov 17, 2010
If all you needed was money then they would be set........ But it takes so much more than that. Sanity for one thing. Shiloh is already acting weird and maddox is drinking alcohal and hitting everybody. Angie promised after she adopted pax that she would stay home and then TWO weeks later she signed to do 3 more dumb movies. She lied. If she had one or two kids that would be diffrent. But she has six. And i hate to agree with a hater . But she does need to stay at home for a few years. I think they have enough money.
posted by tomboy on Nov 17, 2010
Isnt that angelinas nickname for jennifer also??? Why does it seem like shiloh dresses like her too...... The striped shirt and blazer??? First jennifer wore it and then shiloh wore it in italy. Was it on purpose?
posted by ted on Nov 17, 2010
Angelinas on the heroin pills now prescribed by a docter. She wont go to jail but she wont be "available" for comment either. ( because shes locked in her room high as fuck)
posted by king is gullible on Nov 17, 2010
Your first sentance gives you away..... "From what i have read"...... Did pictures accompany the articles???? Happy family pictures of brad and angie holding 2 kids each?????? Did you see those photos?????? You did?........ good. You were supposed to ........... They put alot of effort into those pictures to make them look as real as possible....... Smiles and everything ......... They are so glad you saw what you were supposed to.......... But see........ You believe it...... Just like your supposed to..... So the person who is stupid...... Is you.......... Sniff
posted by angelooney whoreley on Nov 17, 2010
So the world watched them collect six kids .......... Six SMALL kids to be exact.......... And then she sells the pics so the world falls in love with them........... Then we have to watch them be raised by strangers.......... Cuz thats what nannies are........ Strangers ......... The 3 older kids went from a poor orphanage to a rich one........ And the kids have one drunk stoned parent at best....... Not exactly ideal .......... They destroyed jennifer aniston "for the kids" ....... Angie sucks brads blood "for the kids" .......... When are they gonna stay home "with the kids"???? Why do i know these kids names??? Because they have been priced ...... Packaged and sold to me ........... I can see the box shiloh comes in....... Its got her nickname "tomboy" on the box and her accessory sold separately.......... A fishing pole.......
posted by king on Nov 16, 2010
you are stupid. them kids are set and from what i have read, they are always around them. plus they have careers. how else are they going to still provide for them. who cares how much money they have right now. u never kno what tomorrow will be in store for us. if u have a child, u gonna jus stop working? they actors, its their job. i dont see them in and out of jail or in the news in a bad way, now if she were paris hilton or lohan, than you'll have a better comment, but u dont. u dumb heartless bitch
posted by lucille on Nov 16, 2010
So i guess hes not "too busy" with the kids anymore. These two attention whores will do ANYTHING to get away from their kids.

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