'The Walking Dead' Only Returns in October 2011

November 16, 2010 07:22:10 GMT

There will be a lengthy gap between the first and second season because AMC reportedly would like to give each of its acclaim series a proper promotion.

'The Walking Dead' Only Returns in October 2011
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Fans of new AMC series "The Walking Dead" may squirm at the following news. THR is reporting that the zombie series is not going to be back for the second season anytime soon. The predicted premiere date of the new season is October 2011, which is exactly a year after the first season debuts.

This is particularly frustrating for some because the first season only has 6 episodes. But AMC has several good reasons to premiere the series that late. First of all, it aims for another Fearfest which is the horror-themed programmings leading to Halloween festivity. There will be higher level of audience which fits the genre, and since "Walking Dead" is doing fairly well, it can compete with broadcast shows which mainly premiere in Fall.

Second of all, AMC has a full list of other shows waiting to get their premieres. "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" will occupy summer while newbie "The Killing" is going to be slipped in somewhere next year. In order to give each of them a proper promotion, AMC is planning to spread them equally throughout the year.

Third reason, the second season, which would have 13 episodes, has not even gone into production. There was a rumor that it would start in February 2011 but an AMC rep told CBR that nothing has been decided yet.


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posted by wewantmore on May 04, 2011
Nooooo way 2 long 2 wait plz get it on sooner and plz dont do a hereos to us that jus built everythin up then stopped!!! i was well peed.... love this show plz bring us more
posted by oltl7 on Jan 15, 2011
OMG that is just to long to wait !! but I will be ready when it starts back up !
posted by moomooman2000 on Dec 13, 2010
wow rlly damn i fucking love the walking dead but come on rlly october 2011 keep it fluent and start it off like them driving into hordes of zombies nd fighting to get to the boat and someone gets infected but doesn't tell or let anyone know.
posted by Issildur on Dec 02, 2010
This sucks!!!! Why AMC did not trusted the proyect from day 1 and launched the 6 episodes pilot. In year I can read the comic books.

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