Expelled Kids Story Not Included on 'Kate Plus 8'

November 13, 2010 03:08:55 GMT

Kate Gosselin reportedly would like to protect the children from situation like this and thus has no plan to talk about it on the TV show.

Expelled Kids Story Not Included on 'Kate Plus 8'
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Kate Gosselin makes it back to the headline after reports about two of her children getting expelled from school surfaced. TLC confirms that this part of Gosselin's life story is not going to be featured on her reality show "Kate Plus 8".

Gosselin's two six-year-olds Collin and Alexis are reportedly home-schooled now. In Touch magazine's source said they got expelled because of bad behavior, saying "They've fought with their peers, called them nasty names and made fun of other kids. The things they are saying are not words they should know."

Many thought that this matter would be discussed in an upcoming special which airs November 28. But instead of dealing with the circumstances, the episode will solely focus on how the Gosselins spent their Halloween. The network rep which confirmed this to THR would not give further details.

Gosselin is not opening mouth either about the report. A source told NY Post said, "[Kate's] number one concern is protecting her children and is keeping this personal situation as a private matter that she works out with her kids."


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posted by chris on Nov 15, 2010
Kate needs to learn about inner beauty rather than working so hard out outer beauty. Extended family, values, giving (like the clothes she tried to sell) are all things that children need to be taught by demonstrating. And they are not even teenagers yet. Start exposing them to Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. This is the way to demonstrate what is really important.
posted by TJ on Nov 13, 2010
I agree with others who have posted...TLC take this program off the air...and I will not watch TLC or support their advertisers until Kate if off...In a few years these kids will be on Celebrity Rehb and Kate will be their always making money off her children...
posted by Susan on Nov 13, 2010
Kate, good luck finding a school that will accept bullies!
posted by Lynn on Nov 13, 2010
Sad to say, but maybe the kids being expelled is a good sign. Hopefully Children Services will be called in by the school. I think if the kids are acting out, and using foul language and hitting kids, then children services need to talk to the kids, without the parents in the room. I use to work in preschool and when a child acts out like this and we think any kind of abuse is happening, either verbal or physical abuse we would call children services and the would talk to the kids first and then the parents. It was our job to protect the kids first. Kids do not act out like that without a reason. Kate and Jon need to step it up as parents, and put the kids first and not their fame. I'm sure with the money they have made from the show, books, and Dvd's, they will not be broke if the show is dropped. This family has serious problems that need to be solved. Shame on TLC for letting the show continue when they are as much to blame as the parents. Where are the grandparents? They are the one's that need to go to court and try to get the kids in a loving home until Jon and Kate can get the help they need to raise the kids as kids should be raised. Kate has a degree in nursing And that is what she needs to get back in. Jon, seems like a very smart man and should be able to get some kind of job working with computers, since he has done that before. Jon and Kate need to enjoy these kids without strangers following them and the cameras on them all the time. The kids can't just come up and tell their mom they don't want to be on TV anymore because it's Kate that wants it, and she does not care what the kids want. She knows that without them there would be no show or money pouring in. I really hope the school calls Children Services. I'm surprise the parents of the child that was being bullied has not taken any action. How will Kate find another school for her kids, with this on the kids school records. I'm sure other parents would not want these kids around their kids either. I know I wouldn't. Please grandparents, come and help your grandkids out and tell Jon and Kate to get the parenting classes and classes for their anger they have against each other and towards their precious kids?
posted by kitcatjasmine on Nov 13, 2010
She is not keeping her mouth shut to protect anyone but herself! She has shown what her priorities are and that is herself. Poor kids!
posted by stella on Nov 13, 2010
Kate; Spend a little more time brushing up on your parenting skills and less time on gaining fame. All 8 of your children will have problems at some point in their lives. Get ready for a long road ahead. Stay home & teach your kids some morals, manners (especially Maddie!!!!!), and respect!
posted by judy on Nov 13, 2010
I,m sorry for all my mis-takes & mis-spelled word's. My Yorki Miss Nutmeg was digging my are as she wanted out for her business 7 I was trying to hurry way to fast as I'm doing it again. So again sorry.
posted by judy on Nov 13, 2010
I saw this coming way back when Jon & Kate took the kid's Christmas a few years back when Kate was yelling @ Jon & clapping her hands yelling screaming & told him to stop looking @ toys & get into a check-out lane, after he was trying to keep the kids he had in the cart from seeing there gift's the others had picked for them. He was so mad @ her when they got outside & let her knoe she embarrest him so bad, & again she said he never listen's to her. { She is so bossy } so now the kid's have picked that bad behavior of her's & act just like her. Now let's WAIT FOR MISS MATTEY " she has gotten her way for years now & Kate has an excuse each & every time. Then back then Kate even made him make her coffee in the morning's & sit it @ her bedside in a coffee warmer & he would then he would leave for work.That " Person " KATE is not human.Let alone be a Good Mother. Look how she dresses & look how she treated Max on DWTS, she tryed to BOSS him too. OMG, I could just go on & on. Again another point about her, { She can't get along with her own parent's or sibblings } That's a clue right there, if she's not in charged she has NOTHING.
posted by J on Nov 13, 2010
I highly doubt she is the worst mother ever. I would leave that to someone else like Casey Anthony or any of those other moms who goes out there and kill their children. As for what Kate should do, well thats entirely up to her. I can't say that this was a surprise though and no it wasn't all Kate's doing. Don't make it seem like Jon is innocent in this whole thing. He may not have said anything at times when Kate was yelling at him, but I'm pretty sure he said some things about her around the kids. Kids aren't stupid and it's about time they realize that. Cara acted out at times since her parents divorce and now it's Collin and Alexis's turn. Not all kids handle divorce in the same way and not all act out at the same time.
posted by terri on Nov 13, 2010
Now she wants privacy. What a joke she is. She wasn't worried about the kid's privacy when she had them potty training or vomiting on t.v. But now she want's privacy. Gimme a break.
posted by loried on Nov 13, 2010
The children always learn from their parents. They watched their mom scream incessantly at their dad. They have photographers for friends at home. They are going to say adult words when they are mostly around adults. I hope the kids are not learning the nasty diva attitude that their mom exhibits. Please take this show off of t.v. Please don't watch this show anymore. You can see this will not be filmed, so you only see the kids on happy vacations.
posted by Roserider on Nov 13, 2010
Where is Childrens Services? Neither of these messed up morons should have custody! Time to move the kids to a healthy, stable home...away from both of these media whores.
posted by Anon on Nov 13, 2010
Of course she will blame Jon. She can't accept responsibility for anything. I will never watch her show or anything she is on. TLC please drop this show.
posted by Karen on Nov 12, 2010
TLC should drop the show so the whole family can get help. TLC only wants the kids for the ratings and Kate wants her kids to earn a living for her. Children services need to find out why the kids are acting out like this and where the kids are picking up the fowl language from. Something is very wrong inside that house. With Kate's horrible temper, it's scary to imagine what those two kids are going through. The way she has yelled at those kids before and Jon, I'm sure it's pure he'll right now. Kate should have some kind of sense to know that this is a warnig sign of worse things to come. If she is so concerned about her kids she is the one to say enough is enough, and I need to get the kids help. Hopefully the court will make that decision for her. Kate is not in her right mind. This show has made her so money hungry that she does not care a out those kids. Hopefully the ratings will really drop and people will see that Kate is in it for herself. She needs to read about The Dionne Quintuplets and how horrible their lifes were as they got older. These kids are too young to know how their mom is using them. Please TLC, do the right thing and drop the show before the kids get worse. Kate will not make that decision because she would have to get a real job for a change and take care of the kids all by herself. I'm sure she will need parenting classes since she does not know how to be a parent and get classes on how to manage her anger. Those poor kids!
posted by Patty on Nov 12, 2010
Kate is the one who brought this on herself, so it should be talked about on her show. Now all of a sudden she wants privacy? Why because she caused all this? Maybe now, the judge will agree with Jon, that the kids should not be on tv. With Kate' anger, it's hard telling what these two kids are going thru in the privacy of there house. Those kids should not be alone with her, the way she loses her temper. I'm sure she will make this story seem like it's Jon fault and not her. Somebody please take these kids off of tv and get them all help. TLC should be ashame of themselves if they continue with the show, when the kids should be getting help and not making money for Kate. I can't even call her mom, because she does not deserve to be called that!
posted by dan on Nov 12, 2010
worse mother ever

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