2010 CMA Awards: Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean's Duet Performance

November 11, 2010 09:35:11 GMT

The duet performance marks the first time the 'American Idol' singer sings at Country Music Association Awards.

2010 CMA Awards: Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean's Duet Performance
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Kelly Clarkson gave some pop/rock vibes to the stage of 2010 Country Music Association Awards on the Wednesday night of November 10. Introduced by host duo Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, the singer made her first ever CMA performance as Jason Aldean's duet partner in "Don't You Wanna Stay".

"Don't You Wanna Stay" is taken from Aldean's newly-released studio effort titled "My Kinda Party". The album is currently debuting at No. 2 on Billboard Hot 200, selling around 193,000 copies in its opening week.

Back to the CMA Awards, the other musical guests at the event included Taylor Swift ("Back to December"), Gwyneth Paltrow ("Country Strong"), Underwood ("Songs Like This" and "Mama's Song"), Sugarland ("Stuck Like Glue") and Kid Rock ("Born Free").

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean:


2010 CMA Awards : Winners List


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posted by Jo on Mar 01, 2011
Kelly Clarkson can sing any genre and be the best singer in that genre. I have never seen a singer that could change it up like that. I love watching her perform. It is also great that she has dropped enough weight to look healthy again. Now she looks and sounds amazing.
posted by Brenda on Feb 24, 2011
Very beautiful they are great together gave me goosebumps outstanding!
posted by KRISTYN on Feb 20, 2011
posted by Brit on Feb 04, 2011
Jason Aldean is my new found love, his voice is amazing....and kelly, come on, she's amazing! Maybe they'll end up doing a Garth and Trisha! hahaha I hope not, he has a beautiful wife and little girls. but they did look good together, almost like siblings. What a freakin shame he didnt win one award, Im ready to beat someone's face in!
posted by ivis on Jan 13, 2011
Kelly needs no introduction. She's not only the best American Idol ever, she can sing anything genre. That's how talented she is. Carrie is strictly country; and although she can sing as well, she is limited by her choice of country songs.
posted by donna on Nov 25, 2010
Jason and kelly looked good together and sung good together. Hope to hear more songs with them...
posted by k crkt on Nov 17, 2010
best performance of the night
posted by Tina23 on Nov 13, 2010
Sorry meant to say this is the best ever :)
posted by Tina23 on Nov 13, 2010
OMB this best ever !! I love this ... I can't stop watching it :) love you Kelly and Jason :D
posted by jperkins05 on Nov 13, 2010
I LOVE JASON ALDEAN, he is amazing.
posted by teetee39 on Nov 12, 2010
How rude not to say Kelly's name, hope it was not done on purpose. Bottome line her voice is better and stronger each and every year. The duet amazing. I buy all her CD's, I would love for her to do country. Because of You with Reba was great, if you never saw the video YOUTUBE.
posted by Country Fan on Nov 12, 2010
You rock Jason!!!!!!! Tour in Minnesota please real soon!!!!!!!! Kelly should tour with you......
posted by St. Paul, MN on Nov 12, 2010
Best of the night!!!! Can't believe Jason didn't win one award. What a disgrace. He is without a doubt one of the best. HE and Kelly need to do more songs together
posted by Jett on Nov 12, 2010
It was incredible! Kelly and Jason (which is my favorite) did an unforgettable fantastic duet together! It gave me chills….
posted by Jellygirl on Nov 11, 2010
Sorry about the took. I meant two. LOL
posted by Laura on Nov 11, 2010
They ROCKED!!!!!
posted by Jessica on Nov 11, 2010
Best performance of the night ---- LOVED IT!!!
posted by Jellygirl on Nov 11, 2010
I thought the duet with Kelly and Jason was the BEST of the night also. I love Kelly's voice and Jason is remarkable as well. You know those took look perfect for each other. They need to be a couple.
posted by Marie on Nov 11, 2010
The duet between Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean was the best performance of the night. Kelly would be much better appreciated if she were in country music. She has an awesome voice. Jason rocks and his choice to have her do the duet couldn't have been a better one.
posted by Dane on Nov 11, 2010
You can hear Carrie say "They took your line away" Sounds like there was suppose to be a line for Jeff to introduce Kelly, but something happened.
posted by chaya on Nov 11, 2010
kelly and jason were awesome - totally rocked the night.
posted by skern63 on Nov 11, 2010
actually it seemed that mr.24 was supposed to say her name but in any event it was the best performance of the night
posted by KYFAN on Nov 11, 2010
Actually Kelly was to be introduced by Jeff Gordon. I thought it was the best performance of the evening. Loved it.
posted by jasonkelly on Nov 11, 2010
What a Beautiful performance. Jason is just awesome. Kelly is awesome too. Thank you.
posted by gillan on Nov 11, 2010
Kelly and Jason stole the show.
posted by KCTEXASfan on Nov 11, 2010
Of course Kelly rocked, amazing. Kelly's fans are so loyal to her would follow her whatever kind of album she would make. I think country would love her. Jason has now found a new fan as well. He is great, going to buy his album in the morning.
posted by fan on Nov 11, 2010
Thanks, Jeebus ~ thought I was the only one who noted that Carrie "forgot" to mention Kelly in her intro of the duet.
posted by Alabama on Nov 11, 2010
Omg! What a great performance and song. My favorite of the night. I keep re-watching it on my dvr. Kelly is awesome. This will be a huge hit record.
posted by Jeebus on Nov 11, 2010
Don't you mean "not introduced" by hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood?
posted by Jeebus on Nov 11, 2010
Kelly and Jason were definitely the performance of the night. Kelly needs to make a country album because her voice is not only the best voice in Pop music, it would also be the best voice in Country music, by a mile.
posted by Fish on Nov 11, 2010
Super performance. I came home from work tonight and listened to it all over again. Just great!
posted by imarancher on Nov 11, 2010
I agree best performance of the Cma's show by far!
posted by Slinkymink on Nov 11, 2010
Favorite of the night. They sounded great together. Kelly Clarkson's singing actually moves me. She is so underrated.
posted by angie1232 on Nov 11, 2010
Kelly performance with Jason was one of the best of the night. Forgot that girl can sing. Love the song too.
posted by NidiaB on Nov 11, 2010
This duet was the highlight of all the performances. Kelly Clarkson is the best, her voice is amazing! It sounds more natural, and even better stripped from all the pop production. Either way though, if Kelly sings, I am listening, and I am buying! By the way, Jason - you have a new fan!
posted by KC1RockQueen on Nov 11, 2010
The best performance of the night. It is a privilege to hear Kelly Clarkson sing. Her voice gives me chills. I cannot wait until her new album comes out. Jason sounded great as well. He has a sexy voice. Kelly Clarkson rocks my soul.
posted by jb21 on Nov 11, 2010
actually, she was (NOT)introduced by jeff gordon. it looked like it was his line to say her name, not carrie's bc she nudged him right before the camera went to the performance. they should have at least acknowledged that mistake by saying her name after the performance was over. but instead, the show just went on. poor kelly! she did such an amazing job too!!
posted by ladykate on Nov 11, 2010
Awesome performance by the #1 American Idol. Kelly has one of the most powerful, moving, unique voices in music today. I'd love to see her move to this type of music to better showcase her voice and reach more people. Loved it!

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