Miley Cyrus to Get Wild With 'So Undercover' Role

November 09, 2010 09:37:09 GMT

Not only using swear words and launching sarcastic humor, but also Cyrus' character will be seen in at least two huge fight scenes.

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus has shown obvious transformation on her stage performance and now she is going to affirm it through her next movie "So Undercover". The 18-year-old Disney star will portray a teenage badass who uses a lot of swear words and crude language all throughout the script, so said Hollywood Life which claims to have script of the movie.

Cyrus' character, Molly, is described as a real smartass who rides a motorcycle, carries a gun and can beat big dudes up. She will launch sarcastic humor [SPOILER ALERT!] like the one when she suggests a fundraiser, "I said car wash, not hand job booth!"

Cyrus reportedly has at least two big fight scenes and she will be seen punching a guy in the face in an effort to protect her dad in the first part of the script. Still, her character will get entangled in a romantic relationship with Nicholas, a "mysterious" and motorcycle-riding boy.

Nicholas is said "rough around the edges" and having "a strong body". But before she falls for him and shares smooch with him, Molly thinks he's the bad guy, so she handcuffs him to a radiator and "basically kicks the crap out of him," Hollywood Life further reports.

"So Undercover" will revolve around Cyrus' character who is hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority. Not normally a private eye to take on government issued cases, Molly accepts the job to help her dad pay a debt to a bookie as her dad means the world to her.

Tom Vaughan is attached to direct the action comedy with the script provided by Allan Loeb and Steven Pearl. This movie project eyes December start date in New Orleans.


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posted by noams on Dec 26, 2010
chill people. its called acting. im sure it will be great :) im excited for it.
posted by jill on Nov 10, 2010
Judging someone is also NOT CHRISTIAN...neither is spelling a bad word with a bunch of periods between the letters...
posted by meow on Nov 09, 2010
this movie sounds horrible. she tries too hard.
posted by Chris on Nov 09, 2010
So, if swearing disqualifies a person from the Christian religion, I'm guessing there are not many Christians left! And, I'm wondering if it's all that difficult to distinguish between reality and playacting. She's supposed to do all this swearing as an actor, in a movie, it's not real-life. Get over it.
posted by someone on Nov 09, 2010
I thought Miley says she's a Christian. I'm starting to think that she's just saying that to cover up her mistakes n scandals in the past. And now she's gonna swear a whole lot in this movie? DAMN! she be lyin'. No wonder many girls call her a b.i.t.c.h :O

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