Official: 'The Walking Dead' Gets Its Season 2

November 09, 2010 02:40:39 GMT

The zombie series is working out rather nicely for AMC as well as international distributor that 120 countries will enjoy Rick slaying the undead longer.

Official: 'The Walking Dead' Gets Its Season 2
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Coming rather inevitable, "The Walking Dead" is given a second season. AMC is officially picking up a 13-episode order, so is Fox International Channels which distributes the series in 120 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

The show owes it to the record-breaking premiere on October 31 when 5.3 million viewers tuned in to watch the world ravaged by the living dead. About 3.6 million of the total number came from the Adults 18-49 demographic, which is higher than any other show in the history of cable television.

"The 'Dead' has spread!" said Charlie Collier, President of AMC, in a press release. "No other cable series has ever attracted as many Adults 18-49 as 'The Walking Dead.' This reaffirms viewers' hunger for premium television on basic cable. We are so proud to be bringing back 'The Dead' again, across the globe."

"The Walking Dead" is adapted from Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name. The TV series version stars Andrew Lincoln as police officer Rick Grimes who woke up one day to discover that the world is not the same as when he went unconscious from bullet wound.


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posted by 12345 on Mar 09, 2011
posted by snowman 82 on Feb 17, 2011
yeah the pregnant wife story is probaly rite. but what if its that they are all infected with some sort of airborn strain of the virus. and the goverment want them for tests. nasty tests...
posted by juris on Feb 08, 2011
yay i think the doctor whisper that ur wife is pregant and rickis the father gosh i really cant wait the season 2 this is sooo great philippines love the walking dead!!! yay oct 31 just primeire?! i cant wait that long
posted by G O D on Jan 31, 2011
really good series good cast good everything keep them coming havnt seen a good zombie movie since resident evil 2 but now they suck be good if the people who made this made a zombie movie aswell.
posted by zombie001 on Jan 30, 2011
nice one
posted by bitterkandy on Jan 18, 2011
my bf spoiled 4 me I already know what the secret is xD some of u r right about it
posted by lou on Jan 13, 2011
i think theres a refuge camp aswell and i think shes pregnant but with the other guys baby! cant wait for season 2
posted by Burger! on Jan 02, 2011
I think the secret he told him was either something to do with a refugee camp or something to do with the blood results!
posted by Afan on Dec 27, 2010
He whispers: "I know what you did last summer, prick"
posted by Mr. Zed on Dec 27, 2010
Yea i was about 2 blunts and some hash deep into my toke when i watched the last episode. I Also concluded he told the main char cop guy that his wife is pregnant and its the other cops kid aka dna didnt match or some thing stupid. Either way i can wait for the pig on pig show down when one of them has to off the other.
posted by jared on Dec 24, 2010
he tells grimes his wife is prego!!!!
posted by el Come Brains on Dec 23, 2010
The Walkers or "los Come Brains" rocks Mexicali, México..... Yeah Season 2 is comming Brains!!!!!
posted by ApparentlyNot on Dec 21, 2010
Glad it got a green light for S2, will be looking forward to it. It's been a while since there has been anything zombie that was this good. Cheers xx
posted by fatgurlchicken on Dec 17, 2010
posted by twhat on Dec 17, 2010
he whispers that his wife is preggos, he noticed when he took their blood
posted by hughisonfire on Dec 15, 2010
When he whispered to Grimes he actually said, 'If you stay, I'll suck your dick.'
posted by DANNYYYY on Dec 14, 2010
posted by Kaloy on Dec 14, 2010
Pls let me be one of the asian cast haha...! Please!
posted by garry on Dec 14, 2010
i think the secret he whispered to Grimes was that there is hope and a refugee camp some miles away but getting there wont be easy
posted by Jigsaw on Dec 13, 2010
season 2 omfg cant wait
posted by Let\'sGO on Dec 09, 2010
Lol E/'Noch Tosh.0 much.... anyway walking dead is a great show and I can't wait for season 2 I'm curious to see what the secret was
posted by Nub on Dec 08, 2010
This show sucks
posted by Nee Boi! on Dec 07, 2010
cant't wait for the next season. The walkers rocks the Philippines!
posted by me you me on Dec 06, 2010
i want walking dead season 2 ASAP
posted by rick mutha effin gri on Dec 05, 2010
the walking dead is the best series of the century and best zombie coallation ever i would love to play as a survivor because i wish there would be a zombie apocolypswe to see how the human race would react because in that life there is no white and black there are only the week and the strong
posted by lxsb5alxs on Dec 05, 2010
posted by Blacks on Dec 01, 2010
posted by peanut on Nov 29, 2010
forget being 5th to comment, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Perfect balance of Zombie gore and storyline. It is well written and well acted. Love it and look forward to season 2.
posted by jesus on Nov 08, 2010
I love being 4th i feel great, alive and virale!
posted by Call me nucky on Nov 08, 2010
Woot!!! Number 3 in yo face!
posted by darryl on Nov 08, 2010
E|'Noch...get a life.
posted by E\'Noch on Nov 08, 2010
YAHHHHH!!!! First comment!!!!! I'm #1!!! I'm #1!!!!

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