Bella Thorne Touted to Be the Next Miley Cyrus

November 08, 2010 04:12:39 GMT

Starring in a new Disney Channel series, 'Shake It Up', 13-year-old Thorne could be the one which has all the attributes to be a Disney star.

Bella Thorne
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With "Hannah Montana" coming to an end, Disney Channel is in desperate need to launch a new talent like Miley Cyrus who propelled the network to success. The Mouse House, as reported by Deadline, is investing high on 13-year-old Bella Thorne who is given her own Disney Channel Original Series called "Shake It Up".

The show debuted the pilot on Sunday, November 7. It follows Thorne's Ce Ce Jones and her best friend Zendaya Coleman's Rocky as they audition for "Shake It Up Chicago", the nation's hottest dance show. It recalls a lot of Miley's first years on "Hannah Montana" when she lived up her dream of singing and Demi Lovato on "Sonny with a Chance" where she became an aspiring actress.

Nevertheless, at such a young age, Thorne has already starred in a number of acclaimed TV series such as "Dirty Sexy Money", "My Own Worst Enemy" and the Emmy-winning show "Big Love". She has also popped up on Selena Gomez's "Wizards of Waverly Place" before becoming the new Disney darling.

Disney Channel has in fact tried the same approach with now 17-year-old Bridgit Mendler in 2009. She was touted to be the next Miley Cyrus through "Good Luck Charlie" although the show never eventually matched "Hannah Montana" in terms of popularity. Adam Bonnett, senior VP of original programming at Disney Channel said about Mendler back then, "We just fell in love with her. She has all the attributes of a Disney star."


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posted by abraham on Oct 26, 2012
don be like miley or hanna coz u batter be the way u are and everybody don't hurt my annabella everythorne i really really like her the way she is now and she will be bella thorne for ever and ever lve u bella and be happy where ever u are soon or latter we will meet again am ABRAHAM CENA
posted by aqua2011 on Aug 20, 2011
I think Bella should just be herself and she won't be ggirl like Miley and I think Bella has a great career and doesn't need to ruin it in a snap! ^_^ I love u Bella plz stay the same! I agree that Miley is amazing! And im a big fan of Bella Thorne shes an amazing person! And I just love how she acts and I wish I had a cousin like Bella! Cuz shes amazing! (: plz Bella plz let me meet u plz! I really want to meet u!
posted by BellaThorne on Mar 12, 2011
I'm not like her at all Miley is amazing I'm just trying to be myself.
posted by roanne on Feb 13, 2011
posted by Lovemyfriends101 on Feb 08, 2011
wow, everyones comments are so negitive, lets face, miley is another messed up teenager in the showbiz (have you seen her new music video, Cant Be tamed) i think Belle should stay who she is, a young talented girl who makes people laugh and in general is Disney material, and i dont see her as the new Miley, and im glad of it!
posted by gabriella on Nov 13, 2010
oi ok eu te amor justin
posted by Hey on Nov 12, 2010
She is not the new Miley. She is Bella Thorne! Enough said
posted by WIDYA on Nov 11, 2010
love you're so amazing..fashionable...and beautiful <3
posted by mileyfan on Nov 09, 2010
bella will never be a Miley!!! I don't really like her and miley is amazing!
posted by saria on Nov 08, 2010
i realllllly loved the show. it was awesum. i can't wait for next week!!!!! love u bella- your biggest fan-saria
posted by Ranesha newkirk on Nov 08, 2010
i think hannah montna rocks.............
posted by breana on Nov 08, 2010
disney has run out of ideas. last night after the new hannah montana i turned the tv off because from the previews of shake it up it reminded me of sonny with a chance. sonny got the chance to be on her favorite tv show by submitting an audition tape. the girls on shake it up auditioned to be on their favorite dance show. and both shows have the show within a show concept. disney would air a new show right after a new hannah montana to get the ratings up for shake it up. bella will never live up to miley just like people thought that bridgit mendler would be the new "miley".
posted by Hilaryduff fan on Nov 08, 2010
Sorry, I don't see Bella as either the next Miley, Demi or Selena.
posted by Mac on Nov 08, 2010
Oh and "Hannah Montanna was more realistic?" Get real jesse
posted by J on Nov 08, 2010
Bella Thorne is not a Miley, and I am glad for it. If I were her, I wouldn't WANT to be the next Miley or next anything. I would define myself, according to what I was capable of being and comfortable being. Looking around at the sheer amount of pressure and crap these teenage girls have been enduring, I think that is where her survival as an actress is going to come from. She's no Supergirl, nobody should paint her as one, and she shouldn't feel the need to be one. It's time for a regular girl for regular people. That's part of her charm anyway. If not, it's going to burn her out like the rest. She knows this stuff in her heart. She's got instincts and she's smarter than a lot of people realize.
posted by Damien on Nov 08, 2010
Soooo.... I watched the show and I LOVED IT I was laughing so hard its the best thing Disney has done in a long time and I think that Bella is not going to be a Miley I think she is going to be a lot bigger Bella is a lot prettier too!
posted by Josh on Nov 08, 2010
I liked Zendaya the best!!!!!
posted by carmen on Nov 08, 2010
The pilot was amazing! such great fashion and dancing! I can definitely see bella being the next miley!
posted by Jesse on Nov 07, 2010
I'm sorry - Bella will never be a Miley. The premier was too far-fetched, too fake, too fast and left much to be desired. I don't think this show will make it if the next few shows are as stupid as the first!

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