Michael Jackson's Family Fuming Over New Album Release, Branding It Fake

Michael Jackson

Accusing Sony Music of disrespecting Michael Jackson, the family of late King of Pop insists that some of the songs in the December 14 album were recorded by an impostor.

Sony Music Group is facing protest from Michael Jackson's family regarding the release of his new album which is simply titled "Michael". Brian Oxman, an attorney for Joe Jackson, said in a statement, "If Michael had wanted this music released he would have done so before his death."

"The songs which are being released on the new Michael Jackson album were unfinished and incomplete tracks that Michael said over and over many times he never wanted released," Oxman stated further. "We should honor Michael Jackson's wishes."

Complicating the controversy even more, Katherine Jackson branded some of the songs listed in the album fake. Michael's two oldest children, Prince Michael and Paris, additionally said that they were present when their dad recorded the songs in question, and claimed the album versions don't match up with what they heard in the studio.

Katherine then takes one of Michael's unreleased songs out of JacksonSecretVault and gives it for fans' listening pleasure. "In an effort to overcome the confusion as to the authenticity of the track the estate has recently released we want to give an actual authentic Michael Jackson track to the world ... for free," a representative told TMZ.

Despite those complaints, Sony Music which has announced December 14 as a release date for Michael's album insisted they have done forensic studies to prove that the songs are authentic. "We have complete confidence in the results of our extensive research as well as the accounts of those who were in the studio with Michael that the vocals on the new album are his own," the company said in a defensive statement.

In fact, they have revealed an official teaser to Michael's lead single titled "Breaking News". The new song will be debuted in full next Monday, November 8.

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    Nov 08, 2010

    for gods sake , who they think they are fooling ? everybody who isnt crazy can see that this is not michaels voice !!!!

    Nov 08, 2010

    When will I stop hearing about sad, upsetting things about Mike since the music died on June 25: (his death, that Jason Pfeiffer and other gay s**t in Unmasked (they can't hurt me, I never believed them b4 and still won't) and now Sony releasing unfinished songs that don't have a lick of his finishing touch on it. That is outright dumb, stupid, unfair, and incredibly disrespectful to Michael.

    Nov 08, 2010

    So stupid! U can't fool a die-hard like myself. It sound anything like him. I don't care who U are- this fraud or other singers out there who try 2 sound like MJ. U can't do it. U can't pass off urself as MJ. The only person that can have an MJ sound is MJ! U can't make a Michael Jackson song w/out Michael Jackson! It's ridiculous. Leave him & his songs alone. I won't be buying a fake MJ album.

    Nov 08, 2010

    For goodness sake please let him rest in peace and quit trying to sell fake music. He was a perfectionist and he wouldn't want unfinished anything with his name on it. He can never be imitated, he was the best and still is!

    Nov 07, 2010


    Nov 06, 2010

    Something fishy here, His family are saying he didn't want them realeased but they had to sign a contact with sony who are releasing the album, this is very odd and confusing. Maybe The Jacksons should return the money they have recieved from Sony, then the claim may be credible.

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