Charming Edison Pena Broke Into Elvis' Song During 'Letterman'

November 05, 2010 08:07:09 GMT

Using a translator didn't stop Pena from bringing laughters to the audience and the host, especially when he imitated Elvis Presley in 'Suspicious Mind'.

Charming Edison Pena Broke Into Elvis' Song During 'Letterman'
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Edison Pena, one of Chilean miners who was trapped more than 2000 feet underground and rescued last month, brought laughters and excitement to "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday, November 4 night. He broke into an impromptu performance and made David Letterman want to hug him.

Pena speaks very little English so a translator was brought in. Letterman asked serious questions at first such as what his job means to him. To this Pena said, "The first time I walked into a mine, I wanted to turn around and get out, but that wasn't really an option. So I just kept going deeper and deeper in the mine, and I kept saying, 'couldn't we just turn around?' But it didn't work out that way."

Pena also said that he jogged 6 miles a day in those mines and that leads him to join the New York City Marathon this Sunday, November 7. Letterman asked whether he was in good condition when he was rescued. Pena said that despite him greeting everybody with a smile, he felt dizzy.

The host also brought the subject of him singing Elvis Presley's tunes while trapped. Pena gave a nod and suddenly broke into "Suspicious Minds" and the house band reacted instantly. The song coincidentally has lyrics that reflect his experience such as "caught in a trap" and "I can't walk out".

Before ending the conversation, Letterman wished Pena a good luck with the race and hoped that he would remember the appearance for the rest of his life. Pena answered, "Yes, certainly I would remember it for the rest of my life because this is probably the only time that I'll be here!".


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posted by Edisonfan on Nov 09, 2010
A month ago he was down in the dumps( deep down in the mine) he is way above, and what a way!!
posted by slim on Nov 06, 2010
wow singing singing suspies minds, Cought in a trap
posted by deb on Nov 06, 2010
One of the sweetest moments I've seen on television in a looooong time! Humanity at its best! Can you imagine how thrilled this guy is just to be alive!
posted by Alex on Nov 05, 2010
At 2:22 David wiped a tear!!

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