Brad Pitt and Tina Fey Join Forces at 'Megamind' New York Premiere

Brad Pitt and Tina Fey Join Forces at 'Megamind' New York Premiere

The two voice cast were joined by producer Ben Stiller at the Wednesday event which took place at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater.

After skipping the world premiere of "Megamind" in Los Angeles on October 30, Brad Pitt made an appearance at the movie's New York premiere on Wednesday, November 3. The actor, who had accompanied Angelina Jolie filming her directorial debut in Bosnia lately, took along his two sons, Maddox and Pax, to the blue carpet event.

The special screening, held at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater, was also supported by Tina Fey who donned a simple mini dress that night. The comedienne, who lends her voice for Roxanne, and Pitt were later joined by producer Ben Stiller, who was covered in a black coat, when posing along with the figures of Metro Man and Megamind.

Some celebrity guests like Frederique van der Wal and Gregg Bello also brought their young family members to the premiere. Additionally, child stars including Mackenzie Aladjem, Spencer List and Peyton List were among the attendees.

"Megamind", which is set to hit theaters across the U.S. on November 5, sees super villain Megamind who accidentally defeats his archrival Metro Man. Losing his oomph, the villain creates new superhero rival Tighten. Unfortunately for him and the world, the new hero wants to be a super villain too. The new villain begins his rampage, and Megamind sets out to stop him, beginning a path to redemption in the process.




    Nov 04, 2010

    Thats why she has no female friends, she cant use sex to manipulate them. Men are stupid.

    angelooney whoreley
    Nov 04, 2010

    One question......... If the kids did not exist....... Would brad and the demon be together??????? Ummm....... No

    Nov 04, 2010

    Since brad left jennifer he has gone downhill. Angelina is a gross druggie and she is doing a horrible thing to her kids and to brads family who seem to be nice decent people. Brad is obviously not conniving as she is.

    i love jilly!
    Nov 04, 2010

    Is angelina jolie purposely making shiloh unattractive ??????

    Nov 04, 2010

    With the way his kids are being raised by strangers who disappear at mommys whim, these kids are going to have diffuculty forming relationships just like mommy. (Unless she uses her vagina). In a few short years the older adopted kids will be causing so much trouble the bio kids are going to get even less attention than the little bit they get now. Brad and angelina are screwing up big time. The funny thing is that they wont realise it until its too late. WHO THE HELL HAS SIX KIDS IN 3 YEARS!!!! Stupid!

    Nov 04, 2010

    Ever since he got with americas number one whore brad is a doooosh. He is no longer a golden boy. This antiamerican thing just makes me sick. Without the u.s. Brad and his whore would be nothing. They collect money here and thats it. Stay in europe where the worlds trash belong.

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