Pics: Holly Madison, Jonathan Ross and More Dressing Up for Halloween

Pics: Holly Madison, Jonathan Ross and More Dressing Up for Halloween

While Holly dressed as Princess Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty' at her Las Vegas Halloween party, Jonathan transformed himself into a devil as he welcomed his guests at his party in North London.

Big stars were surely into Halloween holiday. Celebrities like Holly Madison and Jonathan Ross threw their own Halloween parties and invited pals to come along during the festivity. Holly held a bash at Studio 54 in MGM Grand Resort and Casino in Las Vegas while Jonathan held a party at his home in North London.

At the Las Vegas celebration, Holly dressed as Princess Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty" in a pink dress, putting on red stilettos and a gold tiara. Laura Croft, Angel Porrino and Josh Strickland were spotted attending Holly's party. While Holly dressed as Princess Aurora, Laura donned Belle-looked-liked outfit from "Beauty and the Beast". Angel and Josh opted to sport polecat and pirate costumes respectively.

Jonathan's bash was merry also. For the occasion, the British actor transformed himself into a devil, painting his face in red and completing his spooky look with two red horns attached on his forehead. Most of Jonathan's guests were all-out for the party. One guest portrayed the evil queen in "Snow White" and others impersonated scary pixie, Erik in "Phantom of the Opera" and Captain America.

Meanwhile, Kimora Lee Simmons, Katherine Heigl and Alyson Hannigan became supportive moms who accompanied their children during the festivity. Kimora showed her feline side in a black and purple outfit. Unlike Kimora, Katherine shunned the idea to dress up for Halloween as she took her adopted daughter, who was dressed as a fairy, to a party in Hollywood.

Alyson, her husband Alexis Denisof and their daughter, in the meantime, were all dressed up. Alyson dressed as Raggedy Ann while Alexis went as a Toy Soldier. Their 1-year-old daughter, Satyana Marie Denisof, was outfitted in a monkey costume.




    Nov 21, 2010

    11/21/2010 Peepshow Here Um, I want my money back? Holy crap, that was the worst 1.5 hours of my life that I'll never get back! My husband is the one who wanted to go, so I agreed. Even he hated it! Do not sit in the front...really, don't! We sat at the table right in front of the stage....which simply means, we saw everything in detail. Holly's legs and ass are nasty, full of cellulite. I cringed several times as she walked by with that jiggle! If this is your career, can't you get your ass to the gym to work out some? We also thought she was pregnant based on her belly bulge, but not positive. Her boobs are full of stretch marks, hardly sexy! A lot of the other girls had a ton of cellulite and stretch marks as well. It was so nasty to see that jiggle up close. I'm sure it looks better if you're sitting in the actual seats and not at one of the tables. My husband paid for the meet and greet and Holly came out in sweats (yup) and all her bags, ready to go home. She seemed to be inconvenienced by that whole process and didn't seem to be enjoying her job at all. If you're considering this, skip it...go to a strip club instead. The entire show had no theme and was painful to watch.

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