Spotted: Hayden Panettiere Begins Filming 'Amanda Knox Story'

Hayden Panettiere

The production is taking place in Rome, Italy although the real murder of British student Meredith Kercher took place in Perugia, Italy.

Lifetime moves on with the plan to make a TV movie based on the real and controversial murder of British student Meredith Kercher. On Monday, October 25, Hayden Panettiere who has been tapped to portray the convicted murderer Amanda Knox, was seen on the filming location in Italy. She colored her hair darker to resemble Knox and wore sombre clothes.

The project was announced earlier this year to bring the sensational story of Knox and her dead roommate. The U.S. exchange student is in the middle of a murder trial surrounding the brutal killing of Kercher whose throat had been slit in November 2007 allegedly during a violent night involving sex and drugs. Knox, her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and Italian native Rudy Guede were charged with sexually assaulting Kercher.

Knox's 11-month trial ended in December 2009, and she was sentenced to 26 years in prison in an Italian jail. She maintains her innocence and has filed an appeal which would start November 24. "I know her appeal is coming up pretty soon too so it should be interesting to see what is going to happen with that," Panettiere said.

"The Amanda Knox Story", which is directed by Robert Dornhelm, is set to broadcast on U.S. TV in 2011.

Panettiere said she was not allowed to meet Knox in person because Knox is "not in agreement with it and she is surprised". Panettiere herself is doubtful she would ever meet Knox. "I know the Italian government is being pretty protective of her, her lawyers are being protective of her, which is pretty understandable. It's something I would like to do (meet her) but I'd be more surprised if it happened than if it didn't."


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    Oct 30, 2010

    I agree. Amanda and Raffaele are innocent of the crimes for which they have been accused. This is really the shame of Italy. A bruta figura. Anyone with a reasonable intellect can see that there is no reliable evidence linking either Amanda or Raffaele to the murder. I hope the appeals process really works in Italy.

    Oct 27, 2010

    Granted, the company may film two versions or parts of versions and work out the storyline in post production, depending on events between now and then, but I fear that the plot 'mad girl/boys involved in sex game gone wrong' is likely to win out over 'innocent kids fitted up by deranged prosecutor' at the end of the day in the box office. If Amanda and family can be prosecuted for slander, surely this film company could be prosecuted or sued for defamation when A + R are declared innocent? This could be very expensive, especially in the USA. Do they know this? Have they been warned? This is immensely prejudicial during a judicial process.

    Harry Rag
    Oct 27, 2010

    Oct 27, 2010

    Hayden Panettiere is hot. It will be interesting to see if Amanda Knox watches the movie.

    Oct 27, 2010

    "I know her appeal is coming up pretty soon too so it should be interesting to see what is going to happen with that," Panettiere said. One young person is dead, and two other innocent person's lives are on the line... she finds it "intesting."

    Oct 27, 2010

    i wonder how the movie will deal with the sole piece of evidence against raffaela a pecogram of dna from which he could not be eliminated being proof beyond a shadow of doubt against him while four other possible donars on the same bra clasp is of no interest and as for the case against amanda a dna test on a sample so small that the sample was destroyed by the test,carried out in private by a forenzic scientist who has being caught out lying in her evidence twice. the trial was stopped when she was caught lying on the size of the dna sample on the bra clasp

    Oct 27, 2010

    Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been wrongfully convicted. A movie being made while the appeals are still in progress is just wrong. I don't support either of these movies. They should wait. I don't see how this movie can be truthful when the truth is they were railroaded by an incompetent and corruput police and forensic team. The real story is what they have done to these two kids. Any movie that doesn't show the railroading of Amanda and Raffaele is missing the point. Even a movie that leaves a lame 'who knows the truth' ending is wrong. Rudy Guede is the lone killer. We know everything we need to know about this case.

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