Audrina Patridge Is Second Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination

October 27, 2010 02:58:14 GMT

Her Paso Doble which earned 24/30 from the judges was not enough to keep her on the dance floor but she thanked the judges, the fans and her partner Tony Dovolani anyway for the 'fun' experience.

Audrina Patridge Is Second Shocking 'DWTS' Elimination
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The power of audience votes has been showing itself in the past two weeks of "Dancing with the Stars". Well-performing Florence Henderson was surprisingly eliminated last week and now Audrina Patridge, who was the second best on Monday, October 25's performance night, is taking the same fate.

The former "The Hills" star however took the news graciously, saying "I just know that I had so much fun, this entire experience. I felt like I was really pushing it and trying to give more character, but I guess I couldn't tap into that."

Moments later she stood with co-host Brooke Burke who asked her, "How shocked are you to be standing here?" Patridge replied, "I don't really know, I just know that I've had so much fun this in entire experience and I've made such good, new friends and Tony has been such an amazing teacher. I'm definitely going to be coming back to visit."

Tom Bergeron made the elimination somehow upsetting early since he put both Patridge and judges' favorite Jennifer Grey on the bottom two although the latter was not necessarily the lowest vote getter. "I'm almost at a loss for words," judge Len Goodman said before the final verdict. "It's ludicrous. For one of these two to be going home is absolute nonsense...we like the underdog but we like justice more...and there is no justice here. It's nonsense."


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posted by happyfeet on Nov 19, 2010
im glad all u losers are done with the sho. this means all my votes for bristol will surely do some good
posted by disappointed on Nov 16, 2010
I said if Bristol was not eliminated tonight that I am going to stop watching DWTS. I hate I have to but this is terrible. I didn't like the dust she made about Bruno dancing and now this. She should not have been on there in the first place. I know the show wished they had not aske her to be on now.
posted by Maureen on Oct 31, 2010
Audrina was a great dancer. I was voting for her each week. Now I have no interest in the show and will not be watching.
posted by Bill on Oct 30, 2010
ABC, I am sure now, is backed by republican corporatists who are planning on taking over this country.
posted by Palin Rocks on Oct 30, 2010
posted by Boycot DWTS on Oct 29, 2010
This is all about politics. Bristol has no fan base. These votes are coming from Sarah Palins crazy, obsessed fans. I read about them on the web. They have mvltiple landlines, cell phones, computers and they all get together and vote at least 60 or 70 times each. How sad and unfair to the other dancers.
posted by Barb on Oct 29, 2010
I quit watching after Palin didnt go home after the monkey fiasco. This show is a joke and it is apparent the judges are afraid of vindictive Sarah Palin. And with her insane cult following, none of the real talent has a chance.
posted by Bev on Oct 29, 2010
Audrina, one of the best! Sadsack Palin, THE WORST!!!
posted by Mary on Oct 28, 2010
I too tried to vote for Audrina but couldnt get through. Could Mama Grizzly have clogged up the lines? I wouldnt put it passed her.
posted by Danika on Oct 28, 2010
I am done with this show! None of the true talent has a chance. We all know who is going to win and it wont be Jennifer, Brandy, Kyle, Rick or Kurt.
posted by Appalled on Oct 28, 2010
Conservatives4Palin have a voting scam going on to keep Bristol on the show. Call 818-460-7421 to express your outrage. This is unfair.
posted by tigerjanie on Oct 28, 2010
This was my favorite show and seemed to reward talent and hard work until now - it's lame politics instead of the actual dance judges. Bristol has NO talent and should have left three weeks ago.
posted by Lori on Oct 28, 2010
The Teaparty and Conservatives 4 Palin have a phone scam going to keep Bristol on the show. Heres the number to complain: 818-460-7421. I am through with DWTS.
posted by Robin on Oct 28, 2010
Im also done with this show. Sarah Palins teabagging idiots have ruined it. Btw, Bristol is not pretty.
posted by gfp on Oct 27, 2010
Too bad. Can't believe it. I thought she was in the top 3 for sure!
posted by brit on Oct 27, 2010
i tried voting online twice and they wouldnt work for audrina !
posted by me3472411 on Oct 27, 2010
i must say, after this im done watching dancing with the stars. she was the most consistent dancer on the show.
posted by poppop on Oct 27, 2010
i tried 2 vote but was not allowed i used 2 phones the same problem what was wrong with the phone co
posted by atdwts on Oct 27, 2010
Audrina Patridge is a class act , handled it with grace? respect for herself as a true queen, we love her, sucks they did this to her.
posted by bunnymom on Oct 26, 2010
This is a perfect reflection of the voting process in the current election cycle. Idiots are taking over, and this includes all the lame Palin sheep who are voting for Bristol. She is a pretty girl with absolutely no talent, and should have been eliminated two weeks ago. DWTS should leave the voting to the judges, not the public. This is a sham...I'm done with it.

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