'Sons of Anarchy' 3.08 Preview: Lochan Mor

'Sons of Anarchy' 3.08 Preview: Lochan Mor

While Charlie's son is in danger, SAMCRO armed themselves before visiting another charter.

A special 90-minute episode of "Sons of Anarchy" would air on FX Network this coming Tuesday, October 26. In "Lochan Mor", when SAMCRO pays a visit to another charter, not everyone's happy to see the mother chapter.

This week, "SOA" number drops to 2.6 million viewers and a 1.3/4 in adult 18-49 rating. But the show is secure enough to get another season because the network had put the order earlier this month for 13 episodes.

Speaking of the current season, creator Kurt Sutter has admitted that it has divided fans, saying "...The viewers who show up for some sort of cathartic testosterone rush seem to be a little disappointed in the direction we are going in."

But he promises to satisfy both ends in future episodes. "I understand that [opinion] and I guess it's a risk to push the boundaries of the show," he said. "But I have a very specific narrative vision for Sons of Anarchy and if I am lucky enough to get seven seasons, the events in season three are crucial to that overall arc."

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    Oct 27, 2010

    I am sure the reason for the drop is due to Dish droppping our viewing of SOA. I have tons of family and friends who lost out because of Dish Networks stupid decision. SOA is a great show and I hope it stays on many more seasons. I am trying to figure out a way to watch what I have missed since I am on Dish and as soon as my contract is up, they will loose me as a customer for sure.

    SOA Girl
    Oct 22, 2010

    Due to Dish Network dropping FX, I wouldn't be surprised if that is what caused the drop in viewers. Don't believe Dish, FX is not coming back anytime soon. We are going to Direct TV. Keep the faith Kurt you have a strong following of SOA diehards who love the narrative!

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