James Cameron Confirms He and Angelina Jolie Are Circling 'Cleopatra'

October 20, 2010 09:12:17 GMT

The helmer says that he is indeed in talks to direct the movie with Jolie attached to star, calling the project 'a slam dunk'.

James Cameron Confirms He and Angelina Jolie Are Circling 'Cleopatra'
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A collaboration between James Cameron and Angelina Jolie in "Cleopatra" is so much possible. In a recent interview with New York Times, the helmer confirmed reports mentioning that he is in talks to direct the actress, who is set to take the title role in the movie.

"There's a Cleopatra project in work, meaning that it's been in development at Sony. And it's a subject that's always fascinated me. So yeah, I've been talking to them about it," Cameron said, before noting "But no decisions have been made."

The "Titanic" helmer additionally believes that the movie would be a great work with Jolie's involvement, though he may end up not working on it. "But it sounds hot, doesn't it? I mean, Angelina Jolie and Cleopatra? To me, that's like a slam dunk. Whether I wind up doing it or not, I think it's going to be a great project," Cameron gushed.

The previous report also said that Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chair Amy Pascal decided to fast-track "Cleopatra" after screenwriter Bran Helgeland turned in a "brilliant script". The movie is reportedly aimed for PG-13 rating and planned to be released in 3-D.

"Cleopatra", which will be produced by Scott Rudin, is based on Stacy Schiff's book entitled "Cleopatra: A Life". It explores Cleopatra's lethal political struggle with her brother, her romance with Julius Caesar, her nine-year affair with Mark Antony and her demise.


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posted by oliva meden on Nov 10, 2010
Is a whore!
posted by oliva meden on Oct 21, 2010
jolie, is my idol.....
posted by teddy on Oct 21, 2010
James cameron is after some sex with angelina and he will probably get it.
posted by Texas45 on Oct 20, 2010
I certainly hope she gains some weight b/c otherwise she will be one anorexic looking Cleopatra!
posted by Smacika on Oct 20, 2010
Jolie after Davis? Stupid chicken!

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