Michael Jackson's Two Eldest Kids Plan to Get Back Neverland

October 18, 2010 09:48:02 GMT

Prince and Paris are reportedly determined to own back the super luxury ranch in Santa Ynez, which the late King of Pop once called home, when they inherit millions of dollars at the age of 21.

Michael Jackson's Two Eldest Kids Plan to Get Back Neverland
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Michael Jackson's two eldest children, 13 year-old Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and 12-year-old Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, have fond memories of Neverland, the ranch the late King of Pop called home - they want to buy it back. News of the World reported that Prince and Paris will turn the super luxury ranch in Santa Ynez into a shrine to their dad once they own it back.

According to the publication, Prince and Paris will have back Neverland after they inherit millions of dollars from their late father at the age of 21. "Paris and Prince remembered the rooms from their childhood," a source shared. The source further mentioned that Prince and Paris will turn it into "some kind of community park and center for animals."

Michael's 7-year-old son also reportedly supports Prince and Paris' plan because he has fallen in love with Neverland following a visit last summer. Michael sold Neverland, which is located in the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara, California, United States and boasts up to 1,200 hectares, in November 2008 when he reportedly fell into debt.

In another news, Michael's three young kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket, have been interviewed for the first time by talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Though the interview will not be aired until a few weeks, Michael's brother Randy Jackson is already upset about it.

"I found out Oprah was at our family home, my stomach ached and it still hasn't gone away. It was deliberately kept from me because they knew I would've tried to stop it," Randy said as quoted by Daily Mail. "I know how Oprah feels about my brother and family. I know he would not have wanted this."


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posted by ? on Dec 28, 2010
Randy get over yourself those kids are going to have to learn how to deal with all kind people. Worry about yourself not his kids. Not only that they kept it away from you because u are very childish about everything
posted by DMassa on Oct 25, 2010
It has been said that Michael didn't want to return to Neverland. However, we do not always know the real truth. His children intuitively know and understand much more then we do. Therefore, I feel waiting untill the age of 21 is in order. This allows Michael's children the time and ability to make the proper decision concerning this matter. Whatever makes them happy is all that matters. Peace and Love
posted by 4luvoftheking on Oct 20, 2010
Thnx @ Love MJ for setting the record straight!Neverland is still very much Michael's. His brothers were even there last year holding meetings and discusing upkeep... Glad to hear the kids will keep it. Not only is it great for them as it's a big memory of their father and upbringing but it's great for all of us dedicated, loving, adoring, and loyal fans to still have! Cause we too have great memories of Mike and his happiness when Neverland was a home and a place all for love and healing until those flee ticking scum pushed him away from it! I Love You Michael.
posted by fgreen on Oct 20, 2010
This is a tabloid story from News of the World. Wait until you hear this from a reputable source before you get too excited. I hope it's true, but remember-- this is a tabloid article.
posted by Rochelle on Oct 19, 2010
These are GREAT kids!! My prayers are with them that they are able to handle the hateful things that are always being said about their father. Hopefully they can restore all the beautiful things about Neverland that MJ loved before LAPD stormed in and ruined it for him. Love and Justice4MJ!
posted by Josephine on Oct 19, 2010
What a wonderful News! Tabloids, you can now start making your creative accounts if you wish but they say, what goes around comes around. Good things are coming back. MJ did good and good is coming back as good as it was done by him and his values. God bless the kids, Katherine and the rest of the family. RIP Michael. I love you forever more
posted by Stella on Oct 19, 2010
I am so happy that Paris,Prince,and blanket is buying Neverland back to honor Michael he loved Neverland very much.I was upset when he died and lost neverland. Love you very much Michael think of you every day.
posted by celestine on Oct 19, 2010
Micheal had a lot of wonderful dreams with Neverland and i'm glad his children shares the same.
posted by Love MJ on Oct 18, 2010
He never sold it, he took a loan on it, like me and you take a mortgage on our property and its shared ownership with Colony Capital. When the loan is paid off its evry inch theirs. Im happy they honour their father in the home where they grew up and had happy times with him. A beautiful place that Michael worked so hard for. Good luck, you make your daddy proud!
posted by Linnie D on Oct 18, 2010
My prayers are answered. When Michael passed away, one of my wish was that someday the children will buy Neverland back and open it to the public. I am sure Michael is smiling up in heaven. God Bless you Prince, Paris and Blanket!!
posted by Sonja Richardson on Oct 18, 2010
God is good and is always on time. Michael meant for Neverland to be a place where children and people could go to have fun. As usual, greed and hate came into play and temporarily messed things up. I will continue to pray that God will protect, lead and guide those children so that they will stay out of harms way and do good things in life like Michael did.
posted by MJLives58 on Oct 18, 2010
Oh My Gosh!!! This is the greatest news I have heard for a while other than Michael's name being put back on the auditorium of his school. God Bless Michael's children. Paris, Prince and Blanket. "It's All For Love. L.O.V.E."
posted by iluvumoremj on Oct 18, 2010
How wonderful! I am so thrilled that Neverland will once again be the wonderful, magical place Michael made it! God bless you always, Paris, Prince and Blanket. You're always in my heart, Michael.

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