Nick Cannon Launches Twitter Rant to Chelsea Handler, Calling Her Ugly White Trash

October 16, 2010 05:58:01 GMT

Learning about Chelsea's Twitter jab on him, Nick fires back, '@chelseahandler is like the new @joanrivers just without the funny and more plastic surgery.'

Nick Cannon Launches Twitter Rant to Chelsea Handler, Calling Her Ugly White Trash
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Nick Cannon and Chelsea Handler have become the latest comics who are taking jab on each other. Nick and Chelsea are entangled in a Twitter war after Chelsea made remark about Nick while the husband of Mariah Carey didn't find it funny.

It was all started with Chelsea writing on her Twitter page on Friday, October 15, "I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who's going to do the comedy?" Learning about the post, Nick was quick to respond, "Wow @chelseahandler I actaully (sic) used to have respect for you as a comic. But for one artist to diss another in the same art form. #Tasteless."

"@chelseahandler just ask your boy Joe Koi about how I smashed this years Montreal fest! RealComicSh!t#," Nick went on. "Soon as I get off stage tonight, I'm going in on @chelseahandler I'm about to be relentless! OFF WITH HER HEAD but right now I got to focus."

Chelsea answered the attack by posting a picture of grape soda with a statement read, "@nickcannon pls drink this before you tweet me again." Few hours later, Nick continued his rant, which began to escalate, "Okay just left the gotham comedy club in NY, STANDING OVATION! Back tomorrow night! Now let's address this @chelseahandler negativity."

"B4 we get to the jokes @chelseahandler... All Comics, on sum real shit, Isn't it comedy 101 that one comic never heckles another comic?" Nick mused. "Funny how all of @chelseahandler fans are coming at my like I did something to her. I don't even know this broad! She on my shit! Comics don't heckles comics that's like a Pimp snitching on a Pimp!"

Nick again continued by taking it more personal, "@chelseahandler But since it's all in fun and supposedly just comedy, Let's get to the muthafukin' JOKES!! Just talked to @50cent He said he made @chelseahandler get G-Unit tattooed on her balls! @50cent wasn't hitting @chelseahandler they was just sharing testosterone tips."

"@Chelseahandler @Howardstern @Eminem Why do all these angry ugly whitetrash folks want beef with me? What I do? I'm a harmless corny dude!," Nick went further. "@chelseahandler is like the new @joanrivers just without the funny and more plastic surgery."

Having enough with his rant, Nick ended, "Just jokes people, LOL! Well I got to be at my next job in a few hours so I will continue the jokes on my morning show." Still, he added, "I never start stuff with anyone. I like making people smile. But y'all know the enemy is busy... but I will not be bullied."


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posted by REALTALK on Jan 25, 2011
@TheTruth Sorry but, U can get on Nick Cannon for the racist crap. Chelsea Handler stated the racist crap by posting the grape soda and addressing Nick Cannon with that image. @TheTruth... U put it like it's ok for U to throw rocks @ someone and that person shouldn't throw rocks back. Remember... It takes two to tango!
posted by John 8:32 on Dec 14, 2010
Listen people... Race as we know it is a myth, a social construct. A social construction or social construct is any phenomenon "invented" or "constructed" by participants in a culture or society, existing because people agree to behave as if it exists or follow certain conventional rules. "The Social Construction of Reality" (1966). "One example of a social construct is social status!" "Go over to You Tube watch => "Journey Of Man!" -John 8:32
posted by diva supreme on Oct 30, 2010
@ cooki, mariah carey is HALF WHITE! her mother is irish! i thought everybody knew that shit! look it up. and people getting worked up over the word "white trash" is a hilarious! turn on the country channel-you will see a bunch of WHITE people saying that they are PROUD to be white trailer trash and inbreds!
posted by The Truth on Oct 19, 2010
I'm surprised he's not getting booed at his "ToUR". IM not racist at all but what he said calling 3 human beings "White Trash" whether they r rich or not!! That is racist! Im sure people would be outraged if there was a racist slur made back to him about being black!!.....everyone always disregards the slurs made about white people...but when it comes to saying anything remotely close about a black person...everyone gets in a scurry and is so quick to defend!
posted by brown suga on Oct 18, 2010
They are all poor white trash with money. Damn, some of you white folks can dish it out but you can't take it. If you aren't poor white trash yourself why is this bothering you?
posted by YeahOkay on Oct 18, 2010
White folks always trying to steal something? The irony of that statement is overwhelming..
posted by blah on Oct 18, 2010
Seriously, who is Nick Cannon?
posted by Cooki is a cunt on Oct 18, 2010
Mariahs mom is white you filthy savage.
posted by Cooki on Oct 17, 2010
Mariah is not half white. She's half black and half spanish. White folks always trying to steal something.
posted by Lilie on Oct 17, 2010
His wife is half white, but he makes a racist rant. Nobody is checking for Mr. Carey. Exactly, what does he do again?
posted by Jen on Oct 17, 2010
Nick who?
posted by Babyale on Oct 16, 2010
Nick cannon can't let go oh the haters. He should just forget what they say and laugh about it. He's a drama queen. Beef or not. He shouldn't care what anyone says. He and mariah are too sensitive.

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