Miley Cyrus Pictured Braless

October 14, 2010 08:29:39 GMT

The 17-year-old beauty forgot to put her bra on for the world to see when she was out for a lunch in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 12.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: BJJ/WENN

Miley Cyrus made her way out in Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 12 with one little thing she forgot to wear - she missed wearing her underwear. The "Can't Be Tamed" singer was photographed in a white T-shirt, short denims and short brown suede pixie boots as she appeared braless.

Miley was at that time heading for a lunch with her mother Leticia "Tish" Cyrus and young sister Noah Lindsey at Patty's diner in Toluca Lake. The "Hannah Montana" star's fashion mishap might have been inspired by Britney Spears as the "Toxic" singer is often snapped without her bra on.

Miley's fashion faux pas, however, didn't stop there. The next day, after forgetting to put her bra on, Miley was snapped with another mishap while wearing a skin-tight floral minidress near her home in the Los Angeles suburb of Toluca Lake. Because the dress was way too tight for her, she busted out her tiny dress.


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posted by crystal on Oct 18, 2011
What a hideous trainwreck she is. Ick.
posted by dip396 on Oct 20, 2010
i get so tired of hearing what miley cyrus did wrong lets talk about what she did right like her album cant be tamed..GENIOUS!
posted by DennieLogan on Oct 14, 2010
Those paparazzi are the ones who noticed the public about this, not Miley. If the people noticed it, they should keep it to themselves. SHAME ON THOSE PAPARAZZI! Blame them, Not Miley!
posted by Brendan on Oct 14, 2010
lol here outfit's less revealing then most girls I know.
posted by anoymous on Oct 14, 2010
why the fuck do people care so much? half the girls I know go out without bras, it's not a big deal.... every girl has breasts it's not somethine to get so worked up over...
posted by someone on Oct 14, 2010

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