'Only Girl (In the World)' Video: Rihanna Frolicking in the Desert

October 14, 2010 02:26:16 GMT

The Anthony Mandler-directed music video takes its focus solely on Rihanna frolicking alone in the hills.

'Only Girl (In the World)' Video: Rihanna Frolicking in the Desert
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Rihanna is the "Only Girl (In the World)" in her newly-debuted music video. She is all alone, frolicking in the desert full of colorful flowers. Ditching her dark image from "Rated R", she is all smiles throughout the clip, singing and dancing through the hills and swinging high above the field.

Of the stunt which has her suspended in the air, the 22-year-old singer previously told Just Jared, "It was crazy. They held me up on a crane, suspended in the air on top of a hill, over a cliff. We just swung back and forth. It was really scary but it was fun."

The music video was premiered on Wednesday, October 13 at 7:56 P.M. ET on MTV and at 8 P.M. ET on AOL. The next video which is expected to come out after "Only Girl (In the World)" clip is the one which was shot for "What's My Name?". While the "Only Girl" took place in an empty field, this upcoming one was filmed among the crowd.

She shared to This Is Max Online in another interview, "I just took a shot of a cocktail just before the video, then I went on the street and did my thing, there were a lot of people watching so many cameras everywhere. I had to get in my own zone and do my thing."

Both "Only Girl (In the World)" and "What's My Name?" are recorded for Rihanna's November 16 release "Loud". The latter single features additional verses from Drake in its official remix version and possibly will have another clip with the Canadian rapper making a cameo.

Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)" music video


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posted by ME on Feb 20, 2011
I feel sorry for haters... That can't feel good. I love loving. It feels great!!! I love my life!!! :D You should try loving more. Trust me it feels better and then you look hotter cos you're not walking around with your screwed up negative faces, dripping of hate allover the place. You'll only attract like-minded people and contaminate eachother with your grotesque hatred. Yum!...No really ;)
posted by casey on Nov 01, 2010
it wont help telling us how much she sucks. fact is... she rocks world wide hate her or love her, shes simply one of the best singers of our time.
posted by Neutral on Oct 18, 2010
I don't hate her or love her. She's boring and for sure can't sing or dance. It's called show business.
posted by Cameron on Oct 17, 2010
She is the hardest working woman in show biz. I am proud of her.
posted by morehaterstocome on Oct 16, 2010
another rihanna blog with haters Bringing up the same shit about how much she sucks.if rihanna wasnt a good singer she wouldnt have so much number 1 singles.almost every celebrity acts superior because most came from having nothing to making millions @ blalala.people in her country dont like her because shes famous.thats all.we all know when rihanna wasnt they didnt give a shit about her,now that she is they want to be on not suprise if she diss every last one of them.i would do the from the carribbean and i like rihanna.she doesnt sound like a frog.she can sing she just has her own why of getting it out.she is representing us in a good way,they should be proud ,you dont see many caribbean artist in the industry winning awards and having number 1 singles.thats a hater for you-dont give credit
posted by greg on Oct 15, 2010
rihanna is the most wonderful singer in the world and she deserves some respect, u bitches. who the fuck do u think u r? i don't know y i'm even posting a comment bcoz u guys r so not worth it. let me tell u something rihanna has achieved more than u will ever, in ur lifetime ever will. she aint going nowhere. she's gonna be a legend, she already is. mind u she's the female artist with most no 1's, most top 10's since 2000 and the youngest to get those number, an accolade that was held by mariah carey. i am proud to say i am from the Rihanna Navy gang and we don't take shit. so FUCK U ALL!!! THAT RIHANNA REIGN JUST WON'T LET UP!! GET EM RIRI, I LUV IT WHEN THE HATERS GET ANGRY, IT SHOWS SHE'S DOING SOMETHING RIGHT AND THEY CAN'T TAKE IT, HA!
posted by blablabla on Oct 14, 2010
@tracy I've been to Barbados multiple times and many other Carribean Islands. No one likes her there. They refer to her as the 'frog sounding singer'. The BAJAN PEOPLE take offense to her not even going back there and doing some good for their tiny little island. Not trying to say that it's a bad thing to walk in dirt roads... Just saying she should go back and walk in those dirt roads to remember who she is and where she came from. Believe me, I saw how she acted at a club while I was down there. She acts like she's superior to everyone.
posted by tracy on Oct 14, 2010
@blablabla last i check walking barefoot on dirt roads is not a crime, not because she is from the caribbean means that its a must to be degraded like that as if caribbean ool is so backward....and yeah i take offense to what u said
posted by Jessica on Oct 14, 2010
You guys are so intense!
posted by nicky on Oct 13, 2010
Great video. Song sucks.
posted by WT...F? on Oct 13, 2010
She sucks. So over her trying to milk her 15 minutes of fame. Like seriously, go away so that we miss you. And most likely, we won't.
posted by RihannaExStan on Oct 13, 2010
Girl can't sing.
posted by blablabla on Oct 13, 2010
I'd like to her actually dance instead of prancing around like some kind of show horse. Someone tell her to go back to Barbados where she used to walk barefoot on dirt roads.

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