NBC's 'Outlaw' Officially Canceled and Moved

October 12, 2010 02:47:09 GMT

The episodes which have gone into production but haven't seen the light would now air on Saturdays 8/7c which usually pulls the weakest rating of all week.

NBC's 'Outlaw' Officially Canceled and Moved
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"Outlaw" is officially the first canceled show on NBC this Fall. The production had been halted last week, pending the number which October 8 episode pulled. Turns out Friday night 10/9c slot is still tough on new series for the rating was stuck on the 4.6 million average.

Eight episodes of the series have been produced and four of them have aired. The final four episodes will air on Saturdays at 8/7c beginning this week while the empty Friday night slot will be filled by a second hour of "Dateline". "School Pride" which led "Outlaw" remains intact on its 8/7c slot.

"Outlaw", starring Jimmy Smits, follows Justice Garza who quit the law he believes is flawed to start his own practice as an attorney. Determined to represent "the little guy," he's using his inside knowledge of the justice system to take on today's biggest legal cases and make plenty of powerful people unhappy along the way.

When it debuted on Wednesday, September 15, it drew well above 10 million viewers with the lead-in from "America's Got Talent" finale. When it was moved to Fridays, the rating immediately plunged to 4.8 million viewers. As comparison, CBS' "Blue Bloods" drew 13 million viewers on the same night and at the same time.


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posted by plus1da on Nov 21, 2010
just goes to show that the folks at NBC don't know how to promote and place a show When will they hire a grown up?
posted by Again on Oct 18, 2010
What a bummer. The show was really good and the characters are really starting to grow. This was my favorite show this new season. They should have kept it going especially since my existing favorites are starting to bore me.
posted by Someone on Oct 17, 2010
NBC blows it once again. Great show and they can it. Give Jimmy Smits some good co-stars, put it on Wednesday at 8 or 9 and go with it. You blew it NBC
posted by NoName on Oct 17, 2010
It seems like Jimmy Smits's shows never last very long. The show is great too. It's too bad but the show must go on.
posted by other1 on Oct 16, 2010
typical..cancel a really good show before it really has a chance

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