Starz Moves On With 'Spartacus', Andy Whitfield Replaced

October 05, 2010 04:53:07 GMT

The cancer-stricken actor will be replaced by a new actor when 'Blood and Sand' returns for a second season in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Starz Moves On With 'Spartacus', Andy Whitfield Replaced
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Starz has come into conclusion that they will replace Andy Whitfield instead of terminating "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". Whitfield, who plays the titular character, announced last month that his cancer is back and therefore chose to withdraw from season 2 to tend to his health. Producers were then left with two options which are to cast a new actor or end the show.

A report has just arrived that the network is officially looking for a new actor to portray Spartacus. They want a Caucasian male in his mid to late 30s to fill in the "smart, intense, passionate" role. Those who audition are required to have an authentic British accent and commit to a three-year contract.

It is still unclear whose decision it is to move on with the show. Exec producer Steven S. DeKnight said previously, "I want to talk to Andy and find out how he feels about the options. That's obviously very important to us."

Just a few days ago, Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht revealed that they considered having a new program in 2011 slate. But it would only happen if casting change doesn't pan out.

"Blood and Sand" was scheduled to begin production immediately after the production end of its prequel "Spartacus: Gods of Arena". It is still unclear whether the recasting would do a delay. "Gods of the Arena" which doesn't involve Whitfield's character will bow in January 2011.


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posted by sad on Dec 20, 2010
you can not replace David Whitefield
posted by mixcuzy on Dec 06, 2010
i luv u andy i wish u quick recovery. let stephen amnell take his place
posted by angela on Dec 04, 2010
andy will be missed as spartaus and not so easy to replace. now is the time to focus on his family and his health. there are a lot of things he needs to mend. may god grant him the will and strength to beat this cancer once and for all. believe better things are to come.
posted by specialk on Nov 06, 2010
Andy you are in my prayers hoping for a speedy recovery. We love you, the show will not be the same without you.
posted by lion on Oct 31, 2010
yes andy will be missed but his health is more important. his family needs him. show must go on as there are a lot of people dependent on this show as well..andy would agree. god bless him in his recovery and that the family stays strong. feel there will be even better things out there for him.
posted by Veritas on Oct 26, 2010
As much as I dislike the fact that Andy will be replaced due to his illness, I would love to see Wentworth Miller take over the role, if anyone is going to.
posted by Angeldee on Oct 17, 2010
My heart breaks at the thought that Andy might be sick again. I agree that Andy is irreplaceable. Andy, I send you my prayers for a quick recovery. Canít wait to see you working again, whatever project it is. Iíve read that Wentworth Miller is the front runner being considered and I am a fan of his, but I canít imagine him in this role. Sam Worthington would be a great choice. There is an actor named Michael Graziadei that could be Andyís younger brother in terms of resemblance. I often wished, with the back story that was coming up, that he would be cast as a Spartacus family member. If he were a bit older, he might have been a good stand-in for Andy, until his return. I still look forward to seeing how the show develops, but this is sad news indeed.
posted by mede8 on Oct 11, 2010
Okay,SpartucsFan...whatever.If you don't want to watch then don't watch but if you going to have an opinion you should at least be a fan of good television which you are obviously not.
posted by wagonball on Oct 09, 2010
well im very proud that a good show with lots of good talent will not end.replacing whitfield is hard but i see him getting better and coming back for season 4 and the new actor moving to a new suporting role that is important of course.everyone wins andy gets to see his hard work go on :) good stuff heres to you andy.
posted by jay on Oct 09, 2010
i hate to see him go. but under the conditions he's under, I don't blame him. but i had a feeling starz was not going to wait for him. regardless the show is good. the show been delayed since the 1st season debuted. nobody can wait that long. all I can is, "andy, get better and let the show continue." it's the only show that mix violence with porn. I need that in my life. i hate reality shows.
posted by SpartucsFan on Oct 09, 2010
Lol @Mede8 All of your suggestions just made me laugh so hard. I happen to disagree with all of it. All of those shows were better with the original cast members. You proved my thought of how the show would be worse without even typing it lol.
posted by locsin on Oct 08, 2010
it wont be the same without ANDY .. he is SPARTACUS.. He can capture the audience eyes towards the show,, I loved it cause he was in it... n everything balanced out... n his so attractive!! Cant the show wait for him?? Andy will get better soon.. I have faith!! STARZ wait for him!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
posted by mede8 on Oct 08, 2010
Why does everyone assume that a re-casting would hurt the show? There have been several successful re-castings with shows that everyone loves with actors everyone loves. Look at "Dr. Who" or the original "Star Trek" series, now everyone is all about Capt. Kirk and asking who the heck is Christopher Pike? C.S.I. is still going strong too, and before you guys out there complain about some of my examples not being the same as replacing Andy as the lead I have two words for you... James Bond... Boom!
posted by BINAgirl on Oct 08, 2010
Andy has another journey to focus on. Besides his road to health, his path may involve bigger and better things than Spartacus (as much as I/we loved this series). He is extremely handsome, an interesting actor, and now a successful and talented star. Our prayers and positive enery are heading your way Andy. I hope you read these caring messages.
posted by Pattyjohn1234 on Oct 07, 2010
Sorry I wont watch Season 2 without Andy as Spartacus.
posted by suzicool on Oct 07, 2010
Andy will hard to replace.
posted by Brett on Oct 07, 2010
I love how everybody is so quick to call the network and producers greedy. Have you ever stopped for a moment and considered all the people who are employed by this show that you have never heard of? The cameramen, editors, assistants, stuntmen, etc. They all have families to support as well. You "fans" need to get over yourselves and stop being so selfish. Hope Andy makes a speedy recovery, not so he can return to the role but so he can be there for his family as well. As everyone in showbiz knows, "the show must go on."
posted by lindylou on Oct 07, 2010
i just hope andy gets better hes brilliant in spartigus but his health comes first good luck andy get well soon lindylou x
posted by PTY on Oct 06, 2010
What a disaster,Andy was perfect for the role.All the best to Andy in his battle.If they do another series then i think Micheal Fassbender from the movie CENTURION would be great.
posted by tunder on Oct 06, 2010
God has answered my prayer as far as I am concerned the film should be stopped. Amen, sign for all the cast to look for smt erlse to do.
posted by tjx5 on Oct 05, 2010
id rather wait till he gets better. they will lose so many viewers.
posted by JustaGuy on Oct 05, 2010
I hope Andy gets better, replacing main actors usually ruins show! Andy = Spartacus I would wait until he is better!
posted by Nikki on Oct 05, 2010
I refuse to watch a recast, sorry.. Andy is the only Spartacus for me.
posted by tony on Oct 05, 2010
Of course they will recast as Lucy Lawless said they have a hit show that is making money for her and her producer husband. Greed will always prevail in the end.Starz has a hit they are not gonna give up a money maker- everybody is expendable including Andy- sad but true.i wish Andy the best and with their greediness i hope the show gets canceled.
posted by DL on Oct 05, 2010
well that sucks. i sure hope they dont bring someone in that wrecks the series. Hope you get beter soon Andy.
posted by shola on Oct 05, 2010
we wont the season 2 know
posted by opi on Oct 05, 2010
Mark Strong would be a good substitute if Andy can't come back.

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