First 'Breakout Kings' Teaser Unleashed

October 04, 2010 05:02:29 GMT

In the first promotional effort, A and E plays out with the stills from the new series which is created by 'Prison Break' alums.

First 'Breakout Kings' Teaser Unleashed
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"Breakout Kings", a new drama series coming from the producers of "Prison Break", has released its first teaser on Sunday, October 3 after the season finale of "The Glades". It follows on the efforts of a crack team of ex-cons and U.S. Marshals tasked with tracking down and capturing escaped prisoners.

The newbie was actually a pick-up by FOX before the network backed out and A & E swooned in. Its pilot received a generally favorable review during the upfront presentation but FOX preferred to renew "Lie to Me" and "Human Target" instead. The new home then took in all the 13-episode order with the premiere schedule taking place next year.

"Breakout Kings" is created by "Prison Break" alums Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora. Among the stars are Laz Alonso, Domenick Lombardozzi, Malcolm Goodwin, Jimmi Simpson, Serinda Swan and Brooke Nevin.


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posted by adam on Feb 25, 2011
Is Fox Thick!!!! its clearer everyone want prison break season 5!!!
posted by PB Fan on Feb 14, 2011
I think it is becoming clear that there is an audience for Prison Break Season 5. FOX should probably wake up and get some other writers (not the ones who said a true F*** you to the fans with such a pitiful ending) and have Michael come back for Season 5. Isn't that clear from all the messages on the Web-and how many others who havent voiced their opinion?
posted by Say on Feb 11, 2011
Im dying to see PRISON BREAK with our hero MICHAEL SCOFIELD, but will it be telecast in India?????????
posted by syaz on Feb 03, 2011
michael scofield need to make a comeback. there are million of prison break fans out there is waiting. even for a movie... i'm sure all the prison break fans will love to see it. it's going to be box office hit. pls bring them back to movie or tv series again. this tv series would not have any end because we really love michael scofield. he is the super genious guy in the world. no one can replace his character. ~ he's like new era of mcgyver :D
posted by blinkchic on Jan 25, 2011
ok i only read the top 15 posts, but they DID wrap up the story after season 4. It fills in the three years taht we dont get to see in season 4 finale. Its a movie called "Prison Break: The Final Break. I loved it and it wrapped everything up in the best way possiable.
posted by michael scofield on Jan 17, 2011
foxs bring back prison break for a season 5 it has the greatest hero of all time michael scofield and it had the greatest cast the story line is amazing we need a season 5 i miss it everyday and each time i think of the ending of seasoin 4 i only grow sadder we need michael scofield back in our lives ...he is the greatest hero of all time and prison break is the greatest series of all time so please bring it back for a season 5...dont wrry guys when i become a well know director i will revive prison break with its original casst cause i know how u guys feel...michael scofield will forever and always be our hero
posted by DJ on Jan 05, 2011
Wow a bunch of ten year olds on here. PB is the greatest and I love the cast as well, but it ran its course and ended on a high note AS INTENDED. I for one will give this a chance, especially with T-Bag making an appearance!
posted by Ali on Dec 14, 2010
Please prison break season 5 and thats what we all want.
posted by Gina on Dec 08, 2010
FOX should cancel Breakout Kings!!! FOX should bring back PRISON BREAK!!! FOX should bring back MICHAEL SCOFIELD!!!
posted by Sarah Miller on Dec 08, 2010
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will never watch stupid Breakout Kings!!! I want to watch PRISON BREAK with Michael, Lincoln, Sara, LJ, Michael Junior, Gretchen/ Susan etc..
posted by Emerald on Dec 02, 2010
Well, we all should give this new show Breakout Kings a shot. So stop being a bunch of babies and watch it!!
posted by Mandy on Nov 28, 2010
Prison Break has to return with Michael Scofield. We want season 5!!! Michael faked his death to protect his family. After 'The Generals' death he returns. Breakout Kings - F*ck off!!!
posted by Patrick on Nov 26, 2010
We only want a Prison Break Season 5, not breakout kings. Just PB Season 5
posted by krisi on Nov 25, 2010
We would all like to see PB come back but i dont think it is going to happen. Even though we didnt see michael die he wouldnt have stayed away from his family for that amount of time even with his illness. nothing will ever compare to PB but been as it never going to come back and nothing will ever ever beat it i am looking forward to the breakout kings as there nothing else good on the tv since PB ended.
posted by Oran on Nov 22, 2010
What????? I want prison break back not another show!!!
posted by Natalie on Nov 21, 2010
"This show is a slap in the face to PB fans. Now you want them to be loyal to your new show?? It boggles my mind that you think you know what people want to watch. You had something great, you hurt the fans, you bring out an almost identical program and expect us to be loyal fans again??? Unbelievable. Not interested... Spent four years supporting your other show, to have it end painfully. No Thanks Mr. Olmstead." I totally agree!!! We only want Prison Break with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)!!! Michael is alive!!! We neither saw his death nor his dead body!!!
posted by Eva on Nov 18, 2010
I think this new breakout drama is a mockery to the original Prison break... and they want to bring back T-Bag!!!! that's even worse
posted by anca on Nov 16, 2010
we want the real prison break with our hero michael scofield can u understand???greetings from romania.all romania wants prison break back.u can make it happen!!!
posted by Esra on Nov 12, 2010
Please, we just want Prison Break Season 5., not the other Tv series! We want to see again Miller as Michael Scofield again!
posted by Ally - UK on Nov 10, 2010
Deffo want Prison Break back on screen with same gang, especially if Micheal is supposed to be "dead" in order to protect Sara....My wife and I want PRISON BREAK not the stupid alternative series, Breakout Kings, it won't work to pull in ratings. ONLY PB that is pulling millions that's for sure!
posted by Asuka on Nov 10, 2010
Dear Readers: Get over yourself! If you are a true prison break fan, then you will also support its developers. Without these guys, prison break would have never been created. I am thankful, they are bringing the new show "Breakout Kings" to air. Its better then continuing prison break without Michael. Be grateful,that there will be a show similar (not better), with its original developers. This is the closest we will ever get to having another prison break again, and I am thankful for it. Forever Prison Break<3 Forever Breakout Kings! Cant wait.
posted by KJ on Nov 09, 2010
Michael! We want Michael and the dudes.
posted by Maja 89 on Nov 07, 2010
posted by Rita on Nov 06, 2010
We want Prison Break back!!!
posted by karney on Nov 04, 2010
This show is a slap in the face to PB fans. Now you want them to be loyal to your new show?? It boggles my mind that you think you know what people want to watch. You had something great, you hurt the fans, you bring out an almost identical program and expect us to be loyal fans again??? Unbelievable. Not interested... Spent four years supporting your other show, to have it end painfully. No Thanks Mr. Olmstead.
posted by Melissa on Nov 01, 2010
Pleas Fox bring the show Prison Break back. We have been loyal followers of the show during and after the show ended. Please bring back all the orginally cast back. We know that you can do it, its done in t.v. everyday..please. Thank you Melissa
posted by Laurie on Nov 01, 2010
posted by Shelley on Oct 22, 2010
Shut up you morons! Learn how to spell before you write public posts! This show is gonna be even better!
posted by Claire on Oct 15, 2010
FOX can cancel the show without hero Michael Scofield!!!
posted by Mary-Jane on Oct 15, 2010
posted by Heba on Oct 11, 2010
Pls Fox listen to us & bring Prison Break back with Michael Scofield alive.It's not impossible ..u can do this. There r millions of fans r dying hard to get the show back.Pls do this for us
posted by H on Oct 11, 2010
it will never EVER EVER be the same greatest show without Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield !!!!
posted by mariaEs on Oct 11, 2010
TO: FOX: Are you AWARE that SITV is showing PRISON BREAK 3 X A DAY, 7 days a week???? And I am watching all the three screenings EVERYDAY!!! I HAVE DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN IF YOU BRING SEASON 5 OF PRISON BREAK....PLEASE, PLEASE, SEASON 5, PLEASE!!!!
posted by AiCo on Oct 11, 2010
Michael Scofield is dead you fucking teenibopper twits! Good riddance to bad Mary Sue rubbish! Besides, you waste of spermatozoa, the show is going to be on A&E not Fox! And the producers are only interested in bringing T-Bag back from the old crew. They know which character sells.
posted by TBAGG on Oct 11, 2010
But they announced today TBAG is back!! Thats awesome!
posted by ROSSI on Oct 10, 2010
I WANT PRISON BREAK -I LOVE IT......................
posted by jasmin on Oct 10, 2010
we want Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield!!! not these stupid breakout kings !!
posted by ACHREF on Oct 10, 2010
posted by Octavio on Oct 10, 2010
We want Prison Break Back! Switzerland / POrtugal
posted by MADGIRL on Oct 10, 2010
nooooooooooooooo only michael scofield could play this seriess!!!i will not watch that series!!!!and anyone will!!!!!we want prison breakkkkkkk NOWWWWW!!
posted by snowy on Oct 10, 2010
we want prison break, with michael scofield
posted by fahad Al-harthy on Oct 10, 2010
we don't want any other series we just want prison break not this stupid series we want see Michael scofield again and believe me if u bring breakout kings to TV u will lose a lot of money and no one will watch it but if u bring prison break with michael u will make history
posted by Jerryyan Miller on Oct 09, 2010
I want Prison Breakkkkkk I want MICHAEL SCOFIELD(WENTWORTH) I don't want this show!!!
posted by Chaimae Nova on Oct 09, 2010
We want Prison Break Not Any other similar series. I loooooooove PB because it's the best series I have ever watch
posted by clemsongirl1968 on Oct 09, 2010
posted by joppa on Oct 09, 2010
I really don't care about this show.. i miss prison break and want a new season.. Michael and sara and Linc and the rest of the amazing crew are unforgettable and indispensable!!!!!!!!
posted by leann on Oct 09, 2010
i dont care abt any stupid break out king. i want prison break! i want michael scofield i want sara linc and the whole gang. i want prison break!!!!! plz bring bk PRISON BREAK!!!!!!!!!!
posted by prison break fan on Oct 09, 2010
we want michael scofield and not any other clone of him
posted by Maria on Oct 09, 2010
Michael Scofield is the one ! He is like a god ! So please think with kindness,he diserves the chance and we too ! POrtugal *
posted by Sofia Cerqueira on Oct 09, 2010
Michael Scofield is the best !! No one can replace him. So please,we all want Prison Break with Michael Scofield,Sarah Wayne Callies,Dominic Purcell,Marshall Allman,Wade Williams,William Fitchner,Amaury Nolasco etc... WENTWORTH MILLER IS UNIC !! WE JUST WANT PRISON BREAK WITH WENTWORTH MILLER !! He is the best,he is perfect,he is a great actor,he is fantastic !! Love him very much !! forever :) <3 Sofia Cerqueira from Portugal
posted by Nancy on Oct 09, 2010
posted by ahmed on Oct 09, 2010
yeah we wanna really prison break with the famous actor wentworth miller plizzz <3 :(
posted by melanie on Oct 09, 2010
prison break is my best serie......wentworh miller her my best actor are number one..thank for prison
posted by Scofieldseth on Oct 09, 2010
Pls we went micheal scofield 2 continte pls we mis him.Seth frm Nigeria.
posted by Karyn on Oct 09, 2010
We only want Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield!!!
posted by Cathrin on Oct 09, 2010
We want real PRISON BREAK with our hero MICHAEL SCOFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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