Video Premiere: Ciara's 'Speechless'

September 30, 2010 04:40:04 GMT

The 'Goodies' hitmaker plays safe in the Colin Tilley-directed music video which features sillouette of her among other tame scenes.

Video Premiere: Ciara's 'Speechless'
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Ciara keeps it simple in her latest studio album which is filmed to support new single "Speechless". After grinding on the floor in slow suggestive dance moves which made her "Ride" music video banned by BET, she tones it down in this new one. Still, it explores the sexy side of her through the outfit, abs-revealing shirt.

"Speechless" is recorded for Ciara's next studio album "Basic Instinct" which is expected to arrive in United States on November 30. It is written by Ciara with the help from The-Dream and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart.

Beside filming promo videos for her songs, Ciara has also done a viral PSA for "It Gets Better" initiative. "You have to know that your life is in your hands," she said in her effort to empower LGBT youth. "You determine your destiny."

Ciara's "Speechless" music video

"It Gets Better":


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posted by sponge609 on Oct 06, 2010
damn she is dreamy like watchin her video of "Speechless" turns me on i wish my girl can dance like her OMG
posted by $oulblade Da K1NG. on Oct 01, 2010
The Speechless was HOT & Ciara was looking BEAUTIFUL as always! I LOVED it & I got up early (My Time: Melb, Australia) just so I could get online to enjoy this! :D
posted by breezy on Oct 01, 2010
Ciara & LaLa>
posted by Speechless. on Sep 30, 2010
Speechless indeed. This & Ride is amazing, I will def be buying the album!!
posted by <3 on Sep 30, 2010
Ciara is the BEST. This is so beautiful, this and ride i love!!
posted by john on Sep 30, 2010
ciara is so fine, man. Beautiful.
posted by Rachel on Sep 30, 2010
OMG Ciara is so freakin hot, i'm a girl, but i think i might have a girl crush. i love her.
posted by Talisa on Sep 30, 2010
I'm loving the video. It's very serene and displays her true beauty. Love the song too.
posted by Lil CiCi on Sep 30, 2010
That's my girl Ci. Always keepin it real. Ciara never dissapoints and the video and Speechless is Epic! Go CiCi go!
posted by arisea on Sep 30, 2010
She is such a positive young artist! It's good to hear people singing about giving their all to the one's they love.I really love speechless it's one of the best video's I've seen this year!! Good job ciara.. BasicInstinct on the waaaay!!!
posted by staytrue on Sep 30, 2010
This so beautiful. We don't get too many love songs nowadays. Ciara looks beautiful as usual.
posted by Speechless on Sep 30, 2010
Ciara is becoming more amazing for every song and video. It's just a shame media and the world doesnt understand her talent and beauty!
posted by QUAN on Sep 30, 2010
posted by Jay on Sep 30, 2010
The video is BEAUTIFUL. Go Ciara! Request "Speechless" on your local radio station now! "Gimmie Dat" video is next!
posted by Ya Boi on Sep 30, 2010
I loved it!!!
posted by Sumi on Sep 30, 2010
WOW, Ciara looks beautiful. One of the most sexiest artists right now. As for the video, simple but yet so different from what's out right now.
posted by WhoElse on Sep 30, 2010
iPUNCH!, Ciara! This video is amazing and Ciara is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!
posted by Kelly on Sep 30, 2010
video is nice and she looks beautiful! I WANT HER BODY!
posted by Kelly on Sep 30, 2010
the video is nice. she looks amazing in it. I WANT HER BODY!!
posted by Hotness on Sep 30, 2010
Amazing music amazing artist,I love you Ciara!
posted by Samet on Sep 30, 2010
Ciara shows yet another different side of her.
posted by Marq on Sep 30, 2010
Very Hot Vid, Cant Wait To Get "Basic Instinct"
posted by Kan on Sep 30, 2010
I freaking love this song and video, Ciara is so beautiful!
posted by CandyApple on Sep 30, 2010
Such a Beautiful Video and Song!!! Ciara looks Gorgeous!!! Can't wait for the "Gimmie Dat" video!!! Can't wait for the album to come out!!!
posted by kid on Sep 30, 2010
i love you&your muscc OMG YOU R AWSOME

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