Comedian Greg Giraldo Died at 44, Fellow Stars Send Their Condolences

September 30, 2010 02:41:19 GMT

The judge on 'Last Comic Standing' passed away 'at the hospital in New Brunswick as a result of an accidental overdose' on Wednesday, September 29.

Greg Giraldo
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Comedian Greg Giraldo has passed away on Wednesday, September 29, five days after he was hospitalized for an overdose. Greg, who is known for his celebrity roast appearances, died at the age of 44 after accidentally overdosing on prescription drugs.

A source close to Greg told TMZ, "Greg passed away today at the hospital in New Brunswick as a result of an accidental overdose. His family was by his side." According to the site, plans are currently made for the late comedian's public memorial service.

Greg suffered the accidental overdose on Saturday, September 25. He was quickly admitted to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey after a friend found him collapsed in his New Jersey hotel room. Greg was said losing his conscious at that time as the result of mixing up prescription medication.

Following Greg's untimely demise, friends have sent their condolences. Sarah Silverman wrote on her Twitter page, "RIP Greg Giraldo. Belly-laugh hilarious, prolific, good & kind. A thousand oys can't express." Judah Friedlander in the meantime, revealed that he has missed the comedian already, writing "RIP Greg Giraldo. Miss you man. Much love."

While Jimmy Kimmel posted a short message which read, "Greg Giraldo was a great and funny man," Aziz Ansari wrote, "Very sad to hear the news about Greg Giraldo. One of the most respected comics I can think of. The world has lost a hysterical man. RIP."

Unlike those stars who preferred to say how much they missed and respected Greg, former Greg's Roast-mates Gilbert Gottfried took it to the micro-blogging site to make a joke out of the loss. Gilbert tweeted, "Greg Giraldo is cremated, will that be the 'Greg Giraldo Roast'?" When TMZ asked about the tweet, Gilbert said, "Greg can't say anything about it now... I'm not worried about him calling and complaining."

Beside known for roasting star on several Comedy Central Roasts, Greg Giraldo is also known as the judge on "Last Comic Standing". Greg had made appearances on "Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Howard Stern Show". He had appeared as a member of the panel in the NBC show "The Marriage Ref" as well.


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posted by RIP on Oct 01, 2010
posted by dont have one either on Oct 01, 2010
one of his many great legacies will be the comics he inspired on last comic standing. i'm still in shock.
posted by Yaneek Smith on Oct 01, 2010
We loved ya, buddy! You will be missed. God Bless.
posted by stand-up rookie on Oct 01, 2010
R.I.P. Mr. Giraldo you were my main insperation. The world mourns one funny ass man today. We miss you
posted by Silverfox on Sep 30, 2010
He was the best. What a shock and a tragic loss for comedy
posted by louis Cifer on Sep 30, 2010
Hey "don't have one" actually read the article. He overdosed which made him lose consciousness not die on the 25. No where does it say he was found dead on the 29th. He was just official declared dead on the 29. And I think Gottfried is just dealing with it his way. How do you think Greg would have responded if it was the other way around!?
posted by dogeatdog on Sep 30, 2010
Just too sad! Sorry for his kids. Hey Artie Lange, get it together man. God bless and RIP.
posted by Chinua on Sep 30, 2010
I assume those people high on their righteous indignation horses have never heard Mr. Girardo deliver comedy. Nothing was off-limits, and everyone deals with grief in different ways. I can tell you, if there is a roast in Heaven, Gottfried's joke would have Girardo in stiches. So go be righteous about something else.
posted by hyphield on Sep 30, 2010
That may very well be the funniest thing Gilbert has ever said!
posted by dont have one on Sep 29, 2010
Hmm you say he was found dead sept,29, 5 days after the over dose which was on the 25?
posted by Meagain on Sep 29, 2010
When he was on the Marriage Ref, Gwenyth Paltrow half jokingly said to Greg "Is it ok to be a little bit worried about you?" I guess she picked up on something there. I always saw that he was ultimately a dark, but sensitive person, sometimes a lethal combination.
posted by NickG on Sep 29, 2010
RIP. He was always hilarious on the Roasts.
posted by Nick on Sep 29, 2010
Gottfried nailed it right on the head. He, like Greg was, is a comedian and a facet of his work is to make light of serious situations. Death is a very common aspect of comedy. Don't give me any of this "too soon" nonsense because I bet Greg would have done the same thing. RIP Greg.
posted by oa on Sep 29, 2010
I think greg would have wanted people to joke about it. He was consistantly the funniest roaster. He'll be missed.
posted by avivia on Sep 29, 2010
I always failed to see the humor of Gilbert, now I have zero respect for the man, cold,insenstive,bastard!
posted by xApril on Sep 29, 2010
Gilbert's a jerk. The man's dead and that's all he has to say. I have a sense of humor, but damn. Disrespectful.
posted by BLAGGARD on Sep 29, 2010
The BEST comic in years...we'll miss you, brother. RIP
posted by don\'t have one on Sep 29, 2010
you will be missed! you're just there before the rest of us.... Peace, Kim

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