Chris Brown Beats His Foes in '12 Strands: Matrix' Music Video

September 28, 2010 04:39:15 GMT

The mini movie sees Chris Brown exploring his skill in karate and doing impressive maneuvers to fight his enemies.

Chris Brown Beats His Foes in '12 Strands: Matrix' Music Video
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An action-packed mini movie for Chris Brown's "12 Strands: Matrix" has been debuted in full, featuring the R&B performer fighting for his life. He is throwing punches and kicking a** in the Collin Tilley-directed clip which was released as a "pay-per-view" video on his official blog,

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Brown's Symphonic Love Foundation. It aims to provide support and funding for a wide variety of music and arts programs dedicated to the artistic development of children and youth while striving to promote an awareness of philanthropy by encouraging volunteerism and every day respect and kindness to others.

Chris Brown is currently preparing a new album titled "F.A.M.E." which stands for "Forgiving All My Enemies." One of the singles in the upcoming record has been released last week. It's a dance track titled "Yeah 3x", but he was unfortunately backlashed by some music fans due to recording some beats which are similar to Calvin Harris' "I'm Not Alone".

The album hasn't got any release date, but Brown posted on Twitter earlier this year that it "will come out in 2011 or sooner."


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posted by He stole that to on Sep 29, 2010
I know the correct spelling, but with the illiterate middle schoolers that respond to these posts, and Chris' educational level and speech pattern, it did not matter, the point was made.
posted by And? on Sep 29, 2010
@ He stole that to, what does that make you, you responded to the post? I love it when haters such as you, look up Chris just to hate, I seen the exact same post on another site. The only point you are making is that you have alot of time on your hands to hate. You don't know if Chris stole anything, wait til all the facts are out. Everybody knows in the music industry as well as movie industry, this type of thing happens all the time.
posted by hip hop world on Sep 29, 2010
Your right dude, the bass player is Chris Noel
posted by che on Sep 28, 2010
He stole that to has been on other sites stating the same thing. He is just a useless hater with nothing else to do, and a dumb one at that. When to is used like that meaning also, its spelled too. Instead of hating, get an education.
posted by lynette on Sep 28, 2010
why can't people just give chris his props, he haven't stole nothing from anybody, he strives to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome!! fallback haters
posted by melody on Sep 28, 2010
The Matrix mini movie was incredible. It was by far the best video that connect with a song. Everyone should check it out it truly was a great mini movie and the proceed goes to a children fund. I'm truly proud of him putting his feet in the right direction.
posted by He stole that to on Sep 28, 2010
Chris Brown stole the video concept from Michael Jackson's leave me alone video.
posted by numnuts on Sep 28, 2010
The Bass player for his band in this video is LongBeard gothic rocker Chris Noel from the reality show "Seducing Cindy"

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