'Hollywood' Video: Michael Buble Dancing and Shaking Hair as Justin Bieber

September 28, 2010 02:17:47 GMT

Dressing up as fellow Canadian singer Justin Bieber, Michael Buble appears as a guest on a talk show, doing his best impression of the teen idol.

'Hollywood' Video: Michael Buble Dancing and Shaking Hair as Justin Bieber
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Michael Buble has premiered his "Hollywood" music video, a "hilarious but loving tribute" to Justin Bieber. The 35-year-old is wearing a turquoise hoodie and a T-shirt with the pint-sized idol's favorite color, purple.

Sitting on a talk show, the Michael Bieber, so he calls himself, is doing some fun dance moves which draw female audience to their loudest scream. He also manages to shake out his hair in a way Bieber usually does with his signature hair.

"My last video and single 'Haven't Met You' was about everyone's dream of finding a relationship and love. This time around, it's about celebrity culture and people's dreams about fame and what can go along with that," he told PopEater. "It's about having fun but remembering where you came from and what's real. You can see how much fun I had playing all those characters."

Beside dressing up as Justin Bieber, Michael Buble reportedly also channels his inner Clint Eastwood and James Dean.

Michael Buble's "Hollywood" music video


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posted by IrEaLlYdOn\'TkNo on Nov 08, 2010
Luv the song, just think michael needs to stick to michael
posted by baby on Nov 04, 2010
i luv u
posted by cool on Nov 04, 2010
you suck
posted by Love it on Oct 07, 2010
Michael Buble, sooo hilarious. Love it!
posted by Me on Sep 28, 2010
posted by justin rules on Sep 28, 2010
i htink that it a good song but you should'nt take the micky out of justin bieber because he is amazing
posted by luubby i love my sk on Sep 28, 2010
I love u jb nd dars noone cuter dan u i fkn luve u baby:]
posted by yolanda on Sep 27, 2010
i love you
posted by Wendy on Sep 27, 2010
I agree 100 percent with come on...THERE IS ONLY ONE JUSTIN BIEBER
posted by Sans on Sep 27, 2010
although i think he's a sweet guy, i have personally always hated Buble's style of singing. the song itself was cute, though, and the imitation of Bieber was amusing (although the hair flip wasn't anywhere near as adorable as the real thing =))
posted by hmmm on Sep 27, 2010
It's sort of creepy, he actually DOES look like JB in this photo! I love both of them!!! :)
posted by come on on Sep 27, 2010
theres only one justin and thats JUSTIN BIEBER
posted by Why!!!???? on Sep 27, 2010
is he trying 2 imatate justin???? or is JUstin an idol 4 him?

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