Justin Bieber Could Not Save 'CSI' Rating Decline

September 25, 2010 03:07:54 GMT

The teen's episode on September 23 was the second most watched series at the 9 P.M. slot but compared to the show's overall number, it was not stellar.

Justin Bieber Could Not Save 'CSI' Rating Decline
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Back in the hey-days, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" could absorb more than 20 million viewers at its season premieres. But since its spin-offs have taken over and several original and beloved cast have departed, the show has been experiencing a declining rating that not even singing phenomenon Justin Bieber could lift.

Heavily promoted, Bieber's first foray into acting on the show could only pull 14.6 million viewers on Thursday, September 23 night. For comparison, the previous season finale was watched by 14.3 million viewers, meaning there is no significant increase in the rating.

Nevertheless, Bieber's cameo as a troubled kid can also be presumed as a life-saving boat for "CSI". Since the competition is heavy on the time slot, "CSI" could triumph over the season premieres of "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Big Bang Theory" which got 14 million each. However, the winner of the timelot surprisingly is "The Mentalist" which took in 15.3 million.

According to E! Online, "CSI" and "Grey's" have lost a lot of viewers in the 18 to 49 year-old demographic which start to turn their heads to shows like "Jersey Shore". But thanks to Bieber, the season premiere episode of "CSI" drew 2.3 rating among teen girls. The 16-year-old would be back for a February 2011 episode which will be shot early next year.


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posted by LittleMs.biEbeR on Sep 28, 2010
I love yuu sooo Much Justin...(: txt me at 520 335 4158;)
posted by BELIEBER ! on Sep 28, 2010
posted by Kaylee on Sep 27, 2010
OMGee...that CSI episode was AWSOME....yay my mom finally likes JB after seeing him on CSI
posted by lola54321 on Sep 26, 2010
all i have to say is wow he was amazing and it was like is first to second time acting and that just amaziz me jb you rock.
posted by asia on Sep 26, 2010
I Love You Justin Bieber
posted by Alyssa on Sep 26, 2010
why do celebrities think they are so cool? I think they are a bunch of rich kids.
posted by Alyssa on Sep 26, 2010
I love u ..
posted by Bob on Sep 25, 2010
I don't think this would be good. I mean, all these singers think they can act? Stick to your forte, people!
posted by HAL9001 on Sep 25, 2010
When you look at ratings, they are based on the total number of people who are watching that show and ignore how many are watching other shows that air at the same time. Thus you can have 70% of those who are watching something at that time and get a bad rating since there are not that many viewers. A better system would also show the percentage of viewers along with the current absolute number.
posted by BiebzBabe_6 on Sep 25, 2010
He ROCKED CSI :) Best Season EVER!!!!!!!!!!
posted by angelu on Sep 24, 2010
hi im angelu your so handsome you know that
posted by Kassidy(: on Sep 24, 2010
He was amaazingg! Just makes me love him even more<3
posted by Justin bieber\'s qir on Sep 24, 2010
He rocked datt show!

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